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本名 Seth Benjamin Gesshel-Green
出生 1974年2月8日 (1974-02-08)(40歲)
美国宾夕法尼亚州费城Overbrook Park
活躍年代 1984 — 至今
獎項 安妮奖
Best Directing in an Animated Television Production
Best Young Actor Guest Starring in a Syndicated Comedy, Drama or Special
1988《The Facts of Life

塞思·格瑞英语Seth Benjamin Gesshel-Green,1974年2月8日)是一位美国演员喜剧演员配音演员,以及电视制作人。他曾饰演的为人们所熟知的角色包括有《王牌大賤諜》喜剧系列中的邪恶博士的儿子Scott,以及《捉鬼者巴菲》里的Daniel "Oz" Osbourne。 他担任配音的角色包括有《居家男人》里的Chris Griffin,2007年電子游戏《Mass Effect》里的空军上尉“Joker” Moreau。他也是《机器鸡》系列动画片的创作者之一以及制片人。格瑞在其它电影中也有过露面,例如《Rat Race》,《偷天換日》,以及作为一名儿童演员时的《Stephen King's It》。



格瑞在西费城宾夕法尼亚州出生并长大。其母亲Barbara Gesshel是一名艺术家,父亲Herb Green是一名数学老师。[1] 他从出生就可算是小有名气,他的出生过程曾被用于一本介绍自然生产的的小册子里。

格瑞从小被按照犹太人的习俗被抚养成人,他曾在伍迪·艾伦的电影《Radio Days》中饰演过一位20世纪40年代的犹太人。[2][3]


格瑞的第一个电影角色出现在1984年电影《A Billion for Boris》中。之后他在1987年电影《Can't Buy Me Love》中饰演Patrick Dempsey的弟弟Chuckie Miller。同年在伍迪·艾伦的电影《Radio Days》里,他出演过Joe这个角色。1988年,他出演了电影《Big Business》以及《My Stepmother Is an Alien》。除此之外,格瑞还出演过短片系列《It》(饰Richie Tozier,12岁),全部三部《Austin Powers》电影(饰邪恶博士的儿子,Scott),以及在《全民公敌(Enemy of the State)》与《偷天換日》中饰演计算机专家。他也曾参与演出过电影《Can't Hardly Wait》以及《Without a Paddle》。

格瑞在电视屏幕中的第一次露面是在20世纪80年代的电视节目《Tales from the Darkside》与《Amazing Stories》中。在此期间,他在系列电视剧《The Wonder Years》也演出过几次。在一部20世纪90年代早期的电视广告中,他饰演过Rally's Hamburgers的一位柜台收银员。1994年,他与Jennifer Love Hewitt一起出演过一部短期系列剧《Byrds of Paradise》。格瑞也在系列电视剧《捉鬼者巴菲》的第2季至第4季里出演过狼人Daniel "Oz" Osbourne。格瑞还在《Greg the Bunny》,《Tucker》,《X档案》,《70年代秀》,《威尔与格蕾丝》,《Mad About Steve》,《Reno 911!》,《Entourage》以及《实习医生格蕾》中都曾参加演出过不同角色。

他是喜剧动画片《机器鸡》的创作者与制作人。他在这部动画片中为许多角色配音,甚至以动画的形式进行演出。他在“打倒男孩”乐队的This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race以及Weird Al YankovicWhite & Nerdy这两个音乐录像带里出演过配角。2007年9月,他在电视节目The Soup里模仿过网络名人Chris Crocker[4] 他还为电子游戏質量效應里的飞行员Joker配过音。[5] 格瑞还是漫画《Freshmen》的创作者(与Hugh Sterbakov一起)之一。


年份 电影名称 角色 备注
1984 Billions for Boris Benjamin 'Ape-Face' Andrews
The Hotel New Hampshire 'Egg' Berry
1986 Willy/Milly Malcolm
1987 Radio Days Joe
Can't Buy Me Love Chuckie Miller
1988 Big Business Jason
我的繼母是外星人 Fred Glass
1990 Missing Parents
Pump Up the Volume Joey
1992 The Double 0 Kid Chip 录像带首映版本
1993 Infested Tyler Burns 录像带首映版本
Arcade Stilts 录像带首映版本
Airborne Wiley
1995 Notes from Underground Punk Neighbor
White Man's Burden 3rd Youth at Hot Dog Stand
1996 To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday Danny Green
1997 Boys Life 2 Homophobe 2 Segment: Nunzio's Second Cousin
王牌大賤諜 Scott Evil
1998 Can't Hardly Wait Kenny Fisher
全民公敌 Selby Uncredited Role
1999 Idle Hands Mick
Stonebrook Cornelius
王牌大賤諜二部曲:時空賤諜007 Scott Evil
2001 Rock Star 101 Le'Von Short film
真愛伴鵝行 Boyd Voice Role
The Attic Expeditions Douglas
Josie and the Pussycats Travis (Du Jour band member)
美国甜心 Danny Wax
Rat Race Duane Cody
Knockaround Guys Johnny Marbles
2002 王牌大賤諜3:夠MEN吧 Scott Evil
2003 Party Monster James St. James
偷天換日 Lyle
2004 史酷比2:怪獸偷跑 Patrick Wisely
尋寶假期 Dan Mott
2005 黑道比酷 Shotgun (Music Video Director) Uncredited Role
Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Chris Griffin/Additional Voices Voice Role
The Best Man Murray
2006 Electric Apricot: Quest For Festeroo Jonah "the taper"
2008 The 1 Second Film Himself
2009 歐吉桑卡好 TBA post-production
年份 名称 角色 备注
1984 Young People's Specials Charlie Episode: Charlie's Christmas Secret
1985 ABC Afterschool Specials Tommy Sanders Episode: I Want to Go Home
Tales from the Darkside Timmy Episode: Monsters in My Room
1986 Amazing Stories Lance Episode: The Sitter
Spenser: For Hire Andy Chandler Episode: The Hopes and Fears
1987 The Comic Strip Voice Voice Role
Action Family Danny Elliot
1988 The Facts of Life Adam Brinkerhoff Episode: The Beginning of the End
Episode: The Beginning of the Beginning
Divided We Stand Cody Gibbs ABC TV-Pilot
1989 Free Spirit Joey Episode: Too Much of a Good Thing
Mr. Belvedere Episode: Big
Episode: Paper Mill
1990 Life Goes On William Butler Episode: The Spring Fling
Episode: The Visitor
It Young Richie Tozier ABC TV-Movie
1991 Our Shining Moment Wheels
Good & Evil David
1992 Evening Shade Larry Phipps Episode: Hasta la Vista
The Wonder Years Jimmy Donnelly Episode: Lunch Stories
Episode: Sex and Economics
Batman: The Animated Series Wizard 配音角色
Episode: I Am the Night
1993 Beverly Hills, 90210 Wayne Episode: The Game Is Chicken
X档案 Emil Episode: Deep Throat
The Day My Parents Ran Away Leo TV-Movie
seaQuest DSV Mark 'Wolfman' Episode: Photon Bullet
1994 The Byrds of Paradise Harry Byrd
Weird Science Lubec Episode: Lisa's Virus
1995 Real Ghosts Termite UPN Miniseries
Step by Step Danny Episode: Head of the Class
1996 Something So Right Napoleon Episode: Pilot
1997 Pearl Bob Episode: Mission ImPearlsible
Mad About You Bobby Rubenfeld Episode: Guardianhood
The Drew Carey Show The Emcee Episode: That Thing You Don't
Temporarily Yours David Silver
19972000 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Daniel "Oz" Osbourne
1998 Cybill Jaybo Episode: Cybill Sheridan's Day Off
1999 Angel Daniel "Oz" Osbourne Episode: In the Dark
Batman Beyond: The Movie Nelson Nash Voice Role
19992000 Batman Beyond Nelson Nash

Voice Role
Episode: Rebirth (1)
Episode: Golem
Episode: Revenant
Episode: The Eggbaby
Episode: Sentries of the Lost Cosmos
100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd Eddie McDowd Voice Role
19992002, 2005–present 居家男人 Chris Griffin
Neil Goldman
Additional Voices
Voice Roles
2000 MADtv Brightling Episode: 5.17
Episode: 6.15
Episode: 7.18
Episode: 10.12
20002001 Tucker Himself
2002 Greg the Bunny Jimmy Bender
Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? Various Voices Voice Roles
20032004 That '70s Show Mitch Miller Episode: The Battle of Evermore (a.k.a. Pioneer Days)
Episode: Nobody's Fault But Mine (2) (a.k.a. Hyde Loves Jackie)
Episode: Substitute
Episode: Squeeze Box
Episode: 5:15
2004 Married to the Kellys Dr. Jim Coglan Episode: A Portrait of Susan
Crank Yankers Voice Role
Episode: 2.27
Sesame Street Vinny Episode: 16 August 2004
2005 Will & Grace Randall Finn Episode: Friends With Benefits (1)
Episode: Friends With Benefits (2)
20052008 特工老爹 Voice Role
Episode: Homeland Insecurity
Episode: Tearjerker
2005–present 机器鸡 Various Voices Co-Creator
Voice Roles
2006 Four Kings Barry
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Dog Voice Role
Episode: Guide to April Fool's Day and Excuses
The Secret Policeman's Ball Private Parts/Mt. Pink Channel 4 TV-Special
2007 《机器鸡:星球大战》 Various Voices Co-Creator
Voice Roles
Grey's Anatomy Nick Episode: Crash Into Me (1)
Episode: Crash Into Me (2)
2008 Reno 911! Rick the Manager Episode: Undercover at Burger Cousin



  • 2008: 获奖, "Best Directing in an Animated Television Production" - 《机器鸡:星球大战》

Chlotrudis Awards

  • 2004:提名,“最佳男配角”-《Party Monster》


  • 2007:提名,"Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour)" - 《机器鸡》(shared w/producers & writers)


  • 2000:提名,"Choice TV Actor" - 《Buffy the Vampire Slayer》
  • 2002:提名,"Choice Comedic TV Actor" - 《Greg the Bunny》
  • 2005:提名,"Choice Movie Dance Scene" - 《Be Cool》


  • 1989: 获奖, "Best Young Actor Guest Starring in a Syndicated Comedy, Drama or Special" - 《The Facts of Life》
  • 1992: 提名, "Outstanding Young Comedian in a Television Series" - 《Good & Evil》



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