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9GAG new logo.svg
公司类型 私人商業公司
创立日期 2008年
创始人 陳展程
总部地点 美國香港美國 美國矽谷香港香港
服务范围 全世界
关键人物 陳展程(Ray Chan) (CEO)
口号 Why So Serious?
网址 9gag.com
Alexa排名 253 (June 2014)[1]
网站类型 社群新聞
网络广告 Banner ads
注册 選擇性(required to submit, comment or vote)
用户数量 6 億
语言 Multilingual
现状 活躍





  • 2012年,facebook上達到四百萬個粉絲,以及在 Instagram!上拓展行銷。
  • 2013年,facebook上累積達到五百萬、六百萬個粉絲,Instagram!上也完成500,000個追隨者、1,000,000個追隨者。
  • 2014年,facebook上累積達到九百萬、一千萬個粉絲。



Reception and statistics[编辑]


  • 9GAG is written in a combination of HTML/CSS and JavaScript.
  • The JavaScript code handles the client-side and is used to support GIFs and other images uploaded onto the website.
  • While earlier versions of the website used JavaScript libraries like Jquery and Modernizr, the most recent version does not.
  • PHP, more specifically via the Expression Engine, handles the server-side in order to retrieve and request data to produce new web pages.
  • 9GAG is hosted on GoDaddy, operating as an SSL certificate authority, and runs on Nginx.
  • The site is supported on the Amazon Route 53 nameserver.[2][3]


Starting the company under a “Just for Fun” mentality, 9GAG's co-founders began using 9GAG as a résumé-builder for the 500 Startups accelerator program. During the summer program, the 9GAG team worked on other startup ideas, including StartupQuote and Songboard. [4] Following the 500 Startups accelerator program, 9GAG participated in Y Combinator's incubator and its user-base increased to 70 million global unique visitors per month.[5] The 9GAG co-founding team discontinued all other projects and shifted their focus on solely 9GAG. 500 Startups was given equity for their aid and mentorship.

In August 2012, 9GAG received in $2.8 million in funding from Silicon Valley venture capitalists, including True Ventures and Greycroft Partners, as well as individual investors like Christopher Sacca, Kevin Rose, and Naval Ravikant. This funding was able to support 9GAG's engineering team growth both in Hong Kong and in Silicon Valley.[6]

9GAG's development team has recently[何时?] created a mobile application for the website on iOS and Android. To further company exposure, 9GAG founders recently launched 9GAG.tv, a platform including videos only.[7][與來源不符]


In July 2012, 9GAG successfully launched their 9GAG app for iOS products available in the Apple App Store and for Android products in the Play Store. The 9GAG mobile applications serve as a streamlined version of the web-based content. Multiple enhancements were put into the mobiles apps allowing mobile users to easily explore original or attributed entertainment content—one post after another; and effortlessly forward entertaining visual content to others via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Also incorporated into the mobile apps are fully zoomable, high resolution images and automatic download to support offline browsing.[8]

Within a year of the original mobile app launch, 9GAG launched another app for iOS entitled, "9GAG Fast." Unlike the original 9GAG mobile app, 9GAG Fast was created with the idea of being really easy to use. The description of the 9GAG Fast in the Apple App Store simple says, "Super intuitive and dead easy to use, SWIPE, TAP, AND ZOOM. BAM WHAM..."[9] For the android operating system, 9GAG First was created with ideally the same idea as 9GAG Fast.[10]