Priscilla Ahn

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Priscilla Ahn
Priscilla Ahn on the cover of KoreAm, June 2008
Priscilla Ahn on the cover of KoreAm, June 2008
本名 Priscilla Natalie Hartranft
出生 1984年3月9日 (1984-03-09)(30歲)
Fort Stewart, Georgia, U.S.
配偶 Michael Weston(2010─)
音樂類型 Acoustic, folk, Indie folk
演奏樂器 Guitar, piano, harmonica, ukulele, banjo
活躍年代 2003–present
唱片公司 Blue Note Records
網站 Priscilla Ahn's official website

Priscilla Ahn (1984年3月9日),美國創作歌手,能演奏吉他、鋼琴、口琴、烏克麗麗、斑鳩琴等多種樂器。2010年5月與演員 Michael Weston結婚。




  • 2007 Priscilla Ahn (獨立發行)
  • 2008 Live Session(iTunes)
  • 2012 Sweet Hearts(With Charlie Wadhams)


  • 2008 “Dream”
  • 2009 “I'll Never Smile Again”
  • 2009 “I Am Strong” featuring Tiesto
  • 2013 “Where The Leaf Starts To Fall” featuring 蘇打綠


  • Sinatra Tribute His Way, Our Way
  • The Hotel Café presents Winter Songs- Silent Night featured on ER


  • 2006 Amos Lee - Supply and Demand
  • 2006 Joshua Radin - We Were Here
  • 2008 William Fitzsimmons - The Sparrow and the Crow
  • 2011 Ashtar Command American Sunshine The Breakup Song, Rosa, All the Stars in Heaven
  • 2011 Nine Types of Light - Will Do
  • 2011 Amos Lee - Mission Bell "Stay With Me"
  • 2012 Joshua Radin's Underwater Let It Go and The Greenest Grass,
  • 2012 Cary Brothers Vol. 1 EP
  • 2013 Where The Leaf Starts To Fall featuring 蘇打綠


  • “Dream”
  • “Red Cape”
  • “Vibe So Hot”
  • “I Don't Have Time To Love”
  • “When You Grow Up”
  • “Torch Song”


年份 電影 歌曲 備註
2009 Bride Wars Dream Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Loving Leah Dream Hallmark Hall of Fame
2010 My Sister's Keeper Find My Way Back Home Warner Bros. Pictures
2010 Brand New Day (f/k/a Traveling) Dream Universal City Studios Productions LLLP
Legends of the Canyon Dream Impact film Sales LTD
Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove Find My Way Back Home Warner Bros. Pictures
2011 An Invisible Sign of My Own “In a Tree” Invisible Indelible
Red Flag Find My Way Back Home Hands On Productions, Inc.
2013 Missing Pieces Find My Way Back Home Contraction Entertainment
The Goats Wallflower The Goats, LLC
Pacific Rim Pacific Rim: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Warner Bros. Pictures & Legendary Pictures