Talk Talk

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Talk Talk
主唱Mark Hollis、貝斯手Paul Webb與鼓手Lee Harris,1988年。
出道地 英國倫敦
类型 Synthpop, new wave (early)
Art rock, post-rock (later)
活跃年份 1981年–1991年
厂牌 EMI, Polydor
相关团体 .O.rang, Bark Psychosis
前成员 Mark Hollis
Lee Harris
Paul Webb
Simon Brenner

Talk Talk 是活躍於1981年到1991年之間的英國樂團。它是英國新浪潮運動的一部份,新浪潮運動還包括了其他樂團,例如Duran DuranMorrissey。Talk Talk在新浪潮時期有一連串的成功單曲,包括〈Today〉、〈Talk Talk〉、〈It's My Life〉、〈Such a Shame〉,以及〈Dum Dum Girl〉。由於對於流行樂界的各種要求及壓力感到厭倦,Talk Talk在1980年代中期逐漸將風格由synthpop轉向experimental music。部分單曲在歐洲及英國獲得了成功,包括"Life's What You Make It"和"Living in Another World",但隨後因為逐漸增加的批評而使得它的商業上的吸引力下降。

Talk Talk於1991年解散。主唱Mark Hollis在從樂界退休之前發行了一張單飛專輯。創團貝斯手Paul Webb和鼓手Lee Harris一塊繼續在其他樂團當中演奏。Tim Friese-Greene繼續作為一名樂手和製作人。Talk Talk最後兩張專輯《Spirit of Eden》和《Laughing Stock》獲得高度的評價,並且持續地影響實驗搖滾,尤其是後搖滾[1]。被英國《The Guardian》日報讚譽為傑作的《Spirit of Eden》發行二十五年後,Talk Talk仍被視為樂團拒絕向商業市場妥協的典範,而Hollis及其團員則被視作1980年代的synthpop運動中的代表人物之一。



Talk Talk began as a quartet consisting of Mark Hollis formerly from The Reaction (vocals/main songwriter), Lee Harris (drums), Paul Webb (bass guitar), and Simon Brenner (keyboards). In their early years, they were generally associated with the New Romantic movement; more specifically, they were often compared with Duran Duran, as both bands sported a name which was a single word repeated, a Roxy Music-inspired musical direction, and shared the same record label (EMI) and producer (Colin Thurston). The band also supported Duran Duran on tour in late 1981.

The band released their first single, "Mirror Man", on EMI in February 1982. The single was not a success, but was quickly followed by their self-titled single in April 1982 (a rerecording of a track by The Reaction) which reached No.52 in the UK. The band's first album, titled The Party's Over, was released in July 1982. The band had their first UK Top 40 hits with the singles "Today" (UK No. 14) and a re-release of "Talk Talk" (UK No. 23). These singles also were hits in some other countries including Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand. The album was produced by Colin Thurston, who had also produced Duran Duran's first two albums but was picked by Hollis because of his involvement with David Bowie's "Heroes".[2] It was a moderate success in the UK, reaching No.21, and was later certified Silver by the BPI for sales of 60,000 copies by 1985. It was a Top 10 hit in New Zealand.[3]

They were introduced to a much wider live audience in October 1982 when they supported Genesis at their reunion concert with original lead singer Peter Gabriel at Milton Keynes Bowl, England.

Brenner left after the 1983 non-LP single "My Foolish Friend", which was produced by frequent Roxy Music collaborator Rhett Davies. At this point, Talk Talk was officially a trio, as Brenner was never officially replaced. However, Tim Friese-Greene was brought in to assist with the recording of It's My Life,[4] and he soon became the band's producer and occasional keyboard player, as well as Hollis' frequent songwriting partner. Although a major contributor to the band's studio output, Friese-Greene did not regularly play with the band during live shows or appear in publicity material, and was never identified as a full member of Talk Talk.






Studio albums[编辑]

Year Title Chart positions[5][6]
1982 The Party's Over 21 132 8 94 47
1984 It's My Life 35 42 59 12 4 10 3 27 49 2
1986 The Colour of Spring 8 58 16 14 5 11 8 1 12 7 71 25 3 15 9
1988 Spirit of Eden 19 16 30 32 12 3
1991 Laughing Stock 26 26 60

Live albums[编辑]

  • London 1986 (1999) : GER No. 46

Compilation albums[编辑]


Year Title Chart positions[6][9] Album
UK Singles Chart CA FR GER NL NZ IRL IT SA SWI US Hot 100
1982 "Mirror Man" The Party's Over
"Talk Talk" 52
"Today" 14 10 16
"Talk Talk" (Reissue) 23 1 75
1983 "Another Word" 25
"My Foolish Friend" 57 Non-LP single
1984 "It's My Life" 46 30 25 33 30 32 7 31 It's My Life
"Such a Shame" 49 7 2 9 39 4 1 89
"Dum Dum Girl" 74 20 31 34 24
"Tomorrow Started (Live)" (Dutch release)
1985 "It's My Life" (Reissue) 93 33 It's My Life
1986 "Life's What You Make It" 16 48 49 24 11 11 17 14 17 90 The Colour of Spring
"Living in Another World" 48 44 34 22 26 23
"Give It Up" 59
"I Don't Believe in You" 96
1988 "I Believe in You" 85 65 43 Spirit of Eden
1990 "It's My Life" (2nd Reissue) 13 49 23 Natural History: The Very Best of Talk Talk
"Life's What You Make It" (Reissue) 23 23
"Such a Shame" (Reissue) 78
1991 "Living in Another World '91" (Remix) 79 History Revisited: The Remixes
"After the Flood" Laughing Stock
"New Grass"
"Ascension Day"
2003 "It's My Life" (Liquid People vs. Talk Talk) 64

Other appearances[编辑]


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