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This template is similar to {{Commons cat}} but shows 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 categories, and allows changing width or floating the box to the left.

Usage:   {{Commons cat multi | topic1 | topic2 | align=left | width=20em}}
Usage:   {{Commons cat multi | topic1 | topic2 | topic3}}
Usage:   {{Commons cat multi | topic1 | topic2 | topic3 | topic4}}
Usage:   {{Commons cat multi | topic1 | t2 | t3 | t4 | t5 | t6}}

The template will state "Wikimedia Commons has media related to (category):..." and then display the first 2 topic names in bold/italics as "topic1 or topic2" (as links). The optional topics 3 or 4 would be on the next line ("or topic3 or topic4"). Optional topics 5 and 6 would be on a third line.

Other optional parameters:

  • align=left - shifts the box to the left margin (default: right)
  • width=20em - can be added to widen the box for longer words (such as by "width=24em").

Note that the topic names should exist as category names in Wikimedia Commons (edited using a Wikimedia login name).


If using a large, graphical template produces odd layout problems, like the excessive white space shown on the right of this screenshot, then switch to a different sister template.

✗ Do not place this template in a section all by itself.

✗ Do not place this template in a section containing columns.

In articles, this template should normally be placed at the top of the ==External links== section, if one exists, or at the top of the last section on the page, if no external links section exists. See Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects#Where_to_place_links for more information and alternatives.


The following examples show the results of the template as stored in the Wikipedia library (but not the results when previewing the template during editing).

Example for "{{Commons cat multi | Gold | Silver}}" below:

Example for "{{Commons cat multi | Red | Pale Green | align=left}}" below:

Example for "{{Commons cat multi | Los Angeles | New York}}" below:

Misspelling in "{{Commons cat multi | Les Angles | Now York}}" below:
WARNING: Note how misspelled words seem to be valid links to Wikimedia. Check spelling carefully.

Example for "{{Commons cat multi|Ludwig van Beethoven|Richard Strauss|width=22em}}" below:

Example for "{{Commons cat multi |Gold|Silver|Bronze}}" below:

Example for "{{Commons cat multi|Gold|Silver|Bronze|Iron}}" below:

Example for "{{Commons cat multi|Gold|Silver|Bronze|Iron| Copper|Brass}}" below:

Example for alignment "Begin1|End1|Begin2|End2|Begin3|End3" below: