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于条目中用noteTA,而不是修改模板! 本模板是使用於作業系統(OS)條目中的信息框(资讯框)。



{{Infobox OS
| name                   = 
| logo                   = 
| screenshot             = 
| caption                = 
| developer              = 
| family                 = 
| working_state          = 
| source_model           = 
| released               = 
| latest_release_version = 
| latest_release_date    = 
| latest_preview_version = 
| latest_preview_date    = 
| frequently_updated     = 
| marketing_target       = 
| language               = 
| prog_language          =
| updatemodel            = 
| package_manager        = 
| supported_platforms    = 
| kernel_type            = 
| userland               = 
| ui                     = 
| license                = 
| preceded_by            = 
| succeeded_by           = 
| website                = 


  • name = 名稱
  • logo = 標誌
  • caption = 圖片說明
  • screenshot = 螢幕截圖
  • website = 網站
  • developer = 研發公司
  • family = 家族
  • source_model = 源码模式
  • latest_release_version = 最新發行的版本
  • latest_release_date = 最新版本的發行日期(需与latest_release_version同时出现)
  • latest_preview_version = 測試版本
  • latest_preview_date = 測試版本的發行日期(需与latest_preview_version同时出现)
  • kernel_type = 内核类型
  • ui = 默认用户界面
  • license = 軟體授權
  • working_state = 運行狀態(運作中還是已經成為歷史)
  • supported_platforms = 支援的平台,建議使用外部連結的方式
  • updatemodel = 更新方式(手動更新?自動更新?Windows Update?)
  • package_manager = 封包管理程式(例如:RPM、DEB、Ebuild、Slackware TGZ ...等)


A number of elements of this template need further explanation:

Family - This is the operating system family, examples include Microsoft Windows, Unix, and Unix-like. Linux is not a family, but rather a kernel. All Linux distributions are part of the Unix-like family.

Source model - This field is deprecated since it duplicates the license field.

Kernel type - For Linux distros, this should be [[Linux kernel|Linux]]. It should not be the name of a distro.


Infobox OS

This template can be used to provide a summary for articles on computer [[operating system]]s.

参数 说明 类型 默认值 自动值 状态
Name name The name of the operating system. This should match the name of the article. For example: 'Microsoft Windows' string 必填
Logo logo An image path for the logo associated with this operating system. Logos used must comply with [[Wikipedia:Logos]] guidelines. For example: 'File:Microsoft Windows XP Logo.svg' string 可选
Logo size logo_size A width for the image, including the 'px'; the default is '250px'. For example: '106px' string 可选
Logo caption logo_caption Icon to display in the title. string 可选
Screenshot screenshot A screenshot depicting the operating system in its default configuration. Screen shots should not include any non-standard themes, third-party applications, or personally identifiable information. Also, per [[Wikipedia:Avoid self-references]], no references to Wikipedia should be visible. For example: 'File:MacOS81 screenshot.png' string 可选
Screenshot size screenshot_size A width for the screenshot, including the 'px'; the default is '290px'. For example: '200px' string 可选
Screenshot alt screenshot_alt An alternative text for the screenshot. For example: 'Fedora 8 desktop' string 可选
Caption caption A caption describing the screenshot. Use of the word 'screenshot' in the description can be considered redundant, as the template places the image in a section titled 'Screenshot'. For example: 'Screenshot of the Mac OS 8.1 desktop' string 可选
Collapsible collapsible If the screenshot is too big, this parameter set to 'yes' will collapse this. string no 可选
Developer developer Name of the current developer of the software product. It can be either an individual or an organization/business. For example: 'Microsoft' string 可选
Family family The name of the family/line of operating systems that this version is a part of. For example: 'Mac OS X' string 可选
working state working state Working state of the operating system. Can be 'Current', 'Discontinued', or 'No longer supported' string 可选
Source model source model Source model of the operating system. Can be 'Open source', 'Closed source', or 'Shared source' string 可选


Debian GNU/Linux
Debian logo
Screenshot of Debian 5.0 (“Lenny”)
Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (“Lenny”)
公司开发者 Debian Project
作業系統家族 Unix-like
運作狀態 Current
初始版本 1993年8月16日  (1993-08-16)
最新穩定版本 4.0r2 Etch(2007年12月27日,7年前2007-12-27
更新方式 APT (several front-ends available)
软件包管理系统 dpkg
支援平台 i386(x86), amd64(x86-64), PowerPC, SPARC, DEC Alpha, ARM, MIPS, HPPA, S390, IA-64
内核类别 Monolithic (Linux, FreeBSD), Micro (Hurd)
使用者空間 GNU
默认用户界面 GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE
许可证 Free software, mainly the GNU GPL, and other licenses[1]
官方網站 http://www.debian.org/
{{Infobox OS
| name                   = Debian GNU/Linux
| logo                   = [[File:Debian-OpenLogo.svg|Debian logo|50px]]
| screenshot             = [[File:DebianLenny.png|300px|Screenshot of Debian 5.0 (“Lenny”)]]
| caption                = Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (“Lenny”)
| website                = [http://www.debian.org/ www.debian.org]
| developer              = Debian Project
| family                 = [[Unix-like]]
| source model           = [[Free and open source software]]
| released               = {{Start date|df=yes|1993|08|16}}
| frequently updated     = yes
| language               = 63 languages<ref name="lenny released">{{cite web|url=http://www.debian.org/News/2009/20090214.en.html|title=Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 released|accessdate=2009-02-15|publisher=Debian|date= 2009-02-14}}</ref>
| latest release version = 4.0r2 Etch
| latest release date    = {{release date|2007|12|27}}
| kernel type            = [[Monolithic kernel|Monolithic]] ([[Linux kernel|Linux]], [[FreeBSD]]), [[Microkernel|Micro]] ([[GNU Hurd|Hurd]])
| userland               = [[GNU Core Utilities|GNU]]
| ui                     = [[GNOME]], [[KDE]], [[Xfce]], and [[LXDE]]
| license                = [[Free software]], mainly the [[GNU GPL]], and other licenses<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.debian.org/legal/licenses/|title=License information|publisher=Debian|accessdate=2009-02-28}}</ref>
| supported platforms    = [[IA-32|i386(x86)]], [[X86-64|amd64(x86-64)]], [[PowerPC]], [[SPARC]], [[DEC Alpha]], [[ARM architecture|ARM]], [[MIPS architecture|MIPS]], [[PA-RISC family|HPPA]], [[IBM eServer zSeries|S390]], [[IA-64]]
| updatemodel            = [[Advanced Packaging Tool|APT]] (several front-ends available)
| package manager        = [[dpkg]]
| working state          = Current


  1. ^ License information. Debian. [2009-02-28].