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Infobox Settlement
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  • 注意:在使用#expr:計算的參數(例如人口、面積、高度等)輸入數值時,請使用「無格式」的數字,不要在中間加入「,」,例如應使用10000,而非10,000。「有格式」的數值可能導致「表達式錯誤」。



Field Name Usage Description
name required if official_name missing 常用名称
official_name required if name missing 官方名称(可能需要使用 {{lang}} 模板)
other_name optional For places with a former or more common name like Bombay or Saigon
native_name optional 當地語言的地名(可用native_name_lang參數指明語言)。在name或official name下顯示(可能需要使用 {{lang}} 模板)。
settlement_type optional Any type can be entered, such as City, Town, Village, Hamlet, Municipality, Reservation, etc. If set, will be displayed under the names, provided that name is filled in. Might also be used as a label for total population/area (defaulting to City), if needed to distinguish from Urban or Metro (if urban and metro figures are not present, the label is Total unless total_type is set).
total_type optional Specifies what "total" area and population figure refer to, e.g. Greater London. This overrides other labels for total population/area. For no label, can be set to  ; (this precise value also causes the total population to be displayed on the same line as the word Population).
nickname optional well-known nickname(s)
motto optional Will place the motto under the nicknames
translit_lang1 optional Will place the "entry" before the word "transliteration(s)". Can be used to specify a particular language like in Dêlêg or one may just enter "Other", like in Gaza's article.
translit_lang1_type optional
translit_lang1_info optional
translit_lang2 optional Will place a second transliteration. See Dêlêg
translit_lang2_type optional
translit_lang2_info optional


These variables are only used for generating categories for this article
Field Name Usage Description
image_skyline 選填 雖然參數名的意思是「天際線圖像」,其實本項會接受編者指定的任何圖像。預設顯示尺寸為250px
imagesize 選填 改變image_skyline圖像的顯示尺寸。This can can helpful if an editor want to make the infobox wider.
image_caption 選填 在image_skyline圖像下加入說明文字(如有圖像)
image_flag 選填 Used for a flag. Default size:100px
flag_size 選填 Can be used to tweak the size of the image_flag up or down from 100px as desired.
flag_link optional
image_seal optional If the place has an official seal.
seal_link optional
seal_size optional Default is 100px.
image_shield optional Can be used for a place with a coat of arms.
shield_link optional Can be used if a wiki article if known but is not automatically linked by the template. See Coquitlam, British Columbia's infobox for an example.
shield_size optional Default is 100px.
image_blank_emblem optional Can be used if a place has an official logo, crest, emblem, etc. Logo is the default type. See Kingston upon Hull's infobox for an example.
Deprecated name =city_logo
blank_emblem_type optional To specify what type of emblem "image_blank_emblem" is. The default is Logo.
blank_emblem_size optional Default is 100px. Deprecated name =citylogo_size
blank_emblem_link optional Deprecated name =logo_link
image_map optional
mapsize optional Default is 250px.
map_caption optional
image_map1 optional A secondary map image. The field image_map must be filled in first. Example see: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.
mapsize1 optional Default is 250px.
map_caption1 optional
image_dot_map optional A field for manually superimposing a dot over a blank map using an "X" & "Y" system. Blank maps, if available, can be found over at Wikimedia Commons. Example see: Rainbow Lake, Alberta
dot_mapsize optional To change the dot map size; default is 180px.
dot_map_caption optional For placing a caption under the dot map.
optional For manually superimposing the dot left/right and up/down on the map.
pushpin_map optional Category:地理位置圖模板或其子分類內的地理位置圖名稱,例如 IndonesiaUSA California。地理位置圖的圖標位置由latd、longd等坐標參數指定。如指定的location map不存在,會產生「表達式錯誤」。
pushpin_label_position optional 地圖上標示文字位置(相對於圖標)。填 {left, right, top, bottom, none} 其中一個。none是無文字。留空則預設為 right(右)。
pushpin_mapsize optional 純數字,請勿加px(否則圖標位置可能有錯),預設為250。
pushpin_map_caption optional Fill out if a different caption from map_caption is desired.


Field Name Usage Description
subdivision_type optional almost always "國家"
subdivision_name optional Depends on the subdivision_type
optional Can be State/Province, region, county.
seat_type optional The label for the seat of government (defaults to Seat).
seat optional The seat of government.
parts_type optional The label for the smaller subdivisions (defaults to Boroughs).
parts_style optional Set to list to display as a collapsible list, coll as a collapsed list, or para to use paragraph style. Default is list for up to 5 items, otherwise coll.
parts optional Text or header of the list of smaller subdivisions.
p1, p2, etc. optional (maximum p50) The smaller subdivisions to be listed. Example: 華沙
government_footnotes 選填 If a reference(s) is available this where to put them using the <ref> </ref> tags and possibly the citing format at {{Cite web}} within the ref tags.
government_type 選填 Example:
governing_body 選填 行政機構的名稱,如中華民國台北市台北市政府日本東京都東京都廳
leader_party 選填 Political party of the place's leader.
leader_title 選填 First title of the place's leader, e.g. Mayor
leader_name 選填 Tip: Names are automatically wiki-linked if an article exists; if the target is not the intended one, insert a character such as " " to disable the link
選填 For long lists use {{Collapsible list}}. See Halifax for an example.
established_title 選填 Example: First settled
established_date 選填
established_title1 選填 Example: Incorporated (town)
established_date1 選填
established_title2 選填 Example: Incorporated (city)
established_date2 選填
established_title3 選填
established_date3 選填
founder 選填 The name of the settlement's founder
named_for 選填 The source of the name of the settlement (a person, a place, et cetera)


Field Name Usage Description
unit_pref optional 如果想顯示英制(公制),填imperial。預設顯示"公制(英制)",如果 subdivision_name 填入"英國"、"美國"之類,則會顯示英制在前面。
For the middle east, a unit preference of dunam can be entered (only affects total area).
area_footnotes optional 可在此填入參考文獻、注釋。可使用 <ref>{{Cite web|...}}</ref> 之類形式。
area_magnitude optional 中文版設為無效。Area magnitude of total_area in terms of m². Should enter 1 E+6 for area of 1.0 km². See 1 E+6 m²
area_total_dunam optional 總面積(dunams)。用於一些中東國家。請使用「無格式」的數字。如果area_total_km2 和 area_total_sq_mi留空,會自動計算兩者。
area_total_km2 optional 總面積(平方公里)。請使用「無格式」的數字。如果area_total_sq_mi留空,會自動計算平方英里數值。
Deprecated name =area_total
area_land_km2 optional 陸地面積(平方公里)。請使用「無格式」的數字。如果area_land_sq_mi留空,會自動計算平方英里數值。
Deprecated name =area_land
area_water_km2 optional Water area in square kilometers—symbol: km². 請使用「無格式」的數字。如果area_water_sq_mi留空,會自動計算平方英里數值。
Deprecated name =area_water
area_total_sq_mi optional 總面積(平方英里)。請使用「無格式」的數字。如果area_total_km2留空,會自動計算平方公里數值。
Deprecated name =TotalArea_sq_mi
area_land_sq_mi optional 陸地面積(平方英里)。請使用「無格式」的數字。如果area_land_km2留空,會自動計算平方公里數值。
Deprecated name =LandArea_sq_mi
area_water_sq_mi optional Water area in square miles—symbol: sq mi. 請使用「無格式」的數字。如果area_water_km2留空,會自動計算平方公里數值。
Deprecated name =WaterArea_sq_mi
area_water_percent optional percent of water(不用填 "%")
area_urban_km2 optional Deprecated name =area_urban
area_urban_sq_mi optional Deprecated name =UrbanArea_sq_mi
area_metro_km2 optional Deprecated name =area_metro
area_metro_sq_mi optional Deprecated name =MetroArea_sq_mi
area_blank1_title optional Example see London
area_blank1_km2 optional
area_blank1_sq_mi optional
area_blank2_title optional
area_blank2_km2 optional
area_blank2_sq_mi optional
elevation_footnotes 選填 可在此填入高度的參考文獻、注釋,可使用 <ref>{{Cite web|...}}</ref>。
elevation_m 選填 公尺海拔,填入純數字。如果elevation_ft留空,會自動計算英尺海拔。 However, if a range in elevation (i.e. 5–50 m ) is desired, the editor must enter a converted range in the elevation_m field to over-ride the automatic conversion. use the "max" and "min" fields below
Deprecated name =elevation
elevation_ft 選填 英尺海拔,填入純數字。如果elevation_m留空,會自動計算公尺海拔。 However, if a range in elevation (i.e. 50–500 ft ) is desired, the editor must enter a converted range in the elevation_m field to over-ride the automatic conversion. use the "max" and "min" fields below
elevation_max_m, elevation_max_ft, elevation_min_m, elevation_min_ft 選填 填入最高和最低的海拔。
coor_pinpoint 選填 If needed, to specify more exactly where (or what) coordinates are given (e.g. Town Hall) or a specific place in a larger area (e.g. a city in a county). Example: Masovian Voivodeship Deprecated name =coor_type
coordinates_type 選填 指明coord模板的region、type和scale,見{{coord}},例如填 |coordinates_type =region:GB_type:city_scale:1000
coordinates_display 選填 設定 {{Geobox coor}} title= 的參數,從而設定 {{Coord}} display= 的參數。如果填coordinates_display =inline,title,就會在信息框和頁面右上方顯示坐標。
詳見 {{Coord/doc}},及 About the Google Earth Geographic Web Layer
latd optional 緯度。Can also be used for decimal degrees.
latm optional 緯分。
lats optional 緯秒。
latNS optional 北緯填 N,南緯填 S。
longd optional
longm optional
longs optional
longEW optional


各「密度」項目配有公制-英制的自動轉換,只要指定公制數值,就會自動產生英制數值,反之亦然。如果不想用自動轉換,可在相關「密度」項目填入想顯示的資料。如要自動計算密度,在任何「密度」項目內填 auto
Field Name Usage Description
population_as_of 選填 人口數字是哪一年
population_footnotes 選填 填寫參考資料(如有),可使用 <ref>{{Cite web|...}}</ref>。
population_total 選填 人口總數(填入純阿拉伯數字,如果填入標點、字母等「非數字」或中文字,可引致使用 auto 計算人口密度的項目出現「表達式錯誤」)
population_density_km2 選填 Deprecated name =population_density
population_density_sq_mi 選填 Deprecated name =population_density_mi2
population_metro 選填
population_density_metro_km2 選填
population_density_metro_sq_mi 選填 Deprecated name =population_density_metro_mi2
population_urban optional
population_density_urban_km2 optional
population_density_urban_sq_mi optional Deprecated name =population_density_urban_mi2
population_blank1_title optional Can be used for estimates. Example: Windsor, Ontario
population_blank1 optional The population value for blank1_title
population_density_blank1_km2 optional
population_density_blank1_sq_mi optional
population_blank2_title optional
population_blank2 optional
population_density_blank2_km2 optional
population_density_blank2_sq_mi optional
population_demonym Not currently available 「Demonym」或「gentilic」是對於某地方的居民的稱呼,例如American、Chinese。由於中文用「地名」加「人」來表示某地方的人,此項目在中文無甚作用。
population_note optional A place for additional information such as the name of the source.


Field Name Usage Description
timezone 選填 時區
utc_offset 選填 例如 +1
timezone_DST 選填
utc_offset_DST 選填
postal_code_type 選填
postal_code 選填
area_code 選填
registration_plate 選填
blank_name 選填 可在此填上附加資料,例如「車牌號碼」(car plates)。
blank_info 選填 對應 blank_name 標題的資料。



選填 友好城市名稱

選填 友好城市所屬國家
footnotes 選填
website 選填


本模板產生的HTML記號包含了HCard 微格式,能夠讓電腦解析地點名稱和位置,具有可自動將文章分類至適當類別的功能。在HCard中有Geo微格式,能讓電腦分析经纬度資料,因此可在地圖上查詢,或下載至全球定位系统(GPS)裝置。關於微格式的更多使用資訊,請參閱維基百科的微格式專題

hCard 使用以下的 HTML class:

  • "adr"
  • "county-name"
  • "fn"
  • "label"
  • "locality"
  • "nickname"
  • "note"
  • "org"
  • "vcard"

Geo由{{coord}}產生,並使用以下的HTML class:

  • "geo"
  • "latitude"
  • "longitude"




City of Detroit


綽號:Motor City, Motown, Rock City, The D
格言:"Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus"
(Latin for, "We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes")
Location in Wayne County, Michigan
經緯度: 42°19′53.76″N 83°2′51″W / 42.3316000°N 83.04750°W / 42.3316000; -83.04750
Country United States
State Michigan
County Wayne County
Founded 1701
Incorporation 1806
 • 类型 Strong Mayor-Council
 • Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (D)
 • 城市 370.2 平方公里(143.0 平方英里)
 • 陸地 359.4 平方公里(138.8 平方英里)
 • 水域 10.8 平方公里(4.2 平方英里)
 • 市區 3,354 平方公里(1,295 平方英里)
 • 都會區 10,135 平方公里(3,913 平方英里)
海拔[1] 183 米(600 英尺)
 • 城市 871,121
 • 密度 2,647/平方公里(6,856/平方英里)
 • 市区 3,903,377
 • 都會區 4,468,966
 • 夏令時 EDTUTC-4
網站 http://www.detroitmi.gov

from Detroit, Michigan -- Note Pipe characters are in front of the line of cell data, instead of at the end of the line, which simplify the spacing:

{{Infobox Settlement
 | official_name = 底特律
 | native_name = City of Detroit
 | nickname = Motor City, Motown, Rock City, The D
 | motto = "Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus"
          <br />([[Latin]] for, "We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes")
 | image_skyline = DetroitSkyline.jpg
 | image_flag = Detroit flag.png
 | image_seal = Detroit Seal.png
 | image_map = Wayne County Michigan Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Detroit highlighted.svg
 | map_caption = Location in [[Wayne County, Michigan|Wayne County]], [[Michigan]]
 | subdivision_type = [[Countries of the world|Country]]
 | subdivision_type1 = [[U.S. state|State]]
 | subdivision_type2 = [[List of counties in Michigan|County]]
 | subdivision_name = [[United States]]
 | subdivision_name1 = [[Michigan]]
 | subdivision_name2 = [[Wayne County, Michigan|Wayne County]]
 | established_title = Founded
 | established_date = [[1701]]
 | established_title2 = Incorporation
 | established_date2 = [[1806]]
 | government_type = [[Mayor-council government|Strong Mayor-Council]]
 | leader_title =[[List of mayors of Detroit, Michigan|Mayor]]
 | leader_name =[[Kwame Kilpatrick]] (D)
 | area_magnitude = 1 E8
 | area_total_sq_mi =143.0
 | area_total_km2 = 370.2
 | area_land_sq_mi = 138.8
 | area_land_km2 = 359.4
 | area_water_sq_mi = 4.2
 | area_water_km2 = 10.8
 | area_urban_sq_mi = 1295
 | area_urban_km2 = 3354
 | area_metro_km2 = 10135
 | area_metro_sq_mi = 3913
 | population_as_of=2006
 | population_footnotes =<ref>{{cite web
                         | url  = http://www.census.gov/popest/estimates.php
                         | title= US Census July 1, 2006 est}}</ref>
 | population_total = 871121
 | population_urban = 3903377
 | population_metro = 4468966
 | population_density_sq_mi = 6856
 | population_density_km2 = 2647
 | timezone = [[Eastern Time Zone (North America)|EST]]
 | utc_offset = -5
 | timezone_DST = [[Eastern Daylight Time|EDT]]
 | utc_offset_DST = -4
 | latd = 42 | latm = 19 | lats = 53.76 | latNS = N
 | longd = 83 | longm = 2 | longs = 51 | longEW = W
 | elevation_footnotes=<ref name=elevation>{{cite web
                                      | url  ={{Gnis3|1617959}}
                                      | title=USGS detail on Detroit
                                      | accessdate=2007-02-18 }}</ref>
 | elevation_ft = 600
 | elevation_m = 183
 | website = http://www.detroitmi.gov
 | footnotes =