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The anatomy infobox "Template:Infobox bone" displays a right-side infobox showing information about bones of the body, allowing 2 images to be displayed at the top of the box.


Superciliary arches
a. superciliaris
Frontal bone. (Superciliary
arch at mid right).
拉丁語 a. superciliaris
Gray's subject #33 135
TA A02.1.03.005
FMA FMA:52850

The template is invoked using double-brace syntax (with the result similar to that shown at the right), coded as follows:

{{Infobox bone
| Name        = Superciliary arches
| Latin       = a. superciliaris
| GraySubject = 33
| GrayPage    = 135
| Image       = Gray134.png
| Width       = 250
| Caption     = [[Frontal bone]].
(Superciliary arch at mid right)
| Image2      =
| Width2      =
| Caption2    =
| System      =
| MeshName    =
| MeshNumber  =
| TA98        = A02.1.03.005
| FMA         = 52850
| Dorlands    =  
| DorlandsID  =  


The template parameters are (Camel case requiring upper/lowercase):

  • Name = English name for structure.
  • Latin = Latin name for structure.
  • GraySubject = Gray's Anatomy subject number, such as: 189.
  • GrayPage = Gray's Anatomy page number, such as: 825.
  • Image = top image (omit "Image:").
  • Width = width of top image (in pixels, default=250).
  • Caption = caption under top image.
  • Image2 = 2nd top image (omit "Image:").
  • Width2 = width of 2nd image (in pixels, default=250).
  • Caption2 = caption under 2nd top image.
  • Map = map procedure after 2nd image.
  • MapCaption = caption under map image.
  • Origins = any origins text
  • Insertions = any insertions text
  • Articulations = any articulations text
  • Precursor = any precursor text
  • MeshName = MeSH name
  • MeshNumber = MeSH number code
  • TA98 = TA code. How to serch TA code, see Template:TA98.
  • FMA = FMA identifier. How to seach FMA identifier, see Template:FMA.
  • Dorlands = Dorlands url number, such as: nine/000956217 (before .htm in url).
  • DorlandsID = Dorlands article name, such as "pulmonary artery".
  • BoxWidth    = width of infobox (in em/pixels, default 20em), also "boxwidth"
  • ColumnGap =     - extra spaces between infobox columns.

Most parameters begin with a capital letter.


The template was implemented in January 2006 using the MediaWiki parser-functions language (which was updated in January 2008 to run with a recursive descent parser).

Changes should be made and verified in a test-version of the template copied into user-space (under "User:XXX/Template:Infobox_Bone"). Changes can be checked by editing actual articles by edit-preview (not Save) with the template-brace calls prefixed by "{{User:XXX/Template:...}}" but never saved that way.

When modifying the template or documentation ("/doc" subpage), it is often necessary to purge the template cache (using "action=purge"), such as to display modified documentation:


Running old versions of the template can be very confusing and frustrating when trying to install and verify improvements copied from test-versions of the template (so remember "action=purge").