Template:Template reference list

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This template is used to show the references used in a template on the template page.


{{Template reference list}} provides an explanatory list of references within the template that does not show in the article where the template is used. By showing the template references, it allows the template editor to verify those references.


If the template includes a documentation page, simply add a regular references section there.

If the template does not include a documentation page, add <noinclude>{{Template reference list}}</noinclude>, near the end of the template as in any article.

Important note The article where the template is used must include a <references /> tag or the {{Reflist}} template.


This templates uses <h2><span class="mw-headline">References</span></h2> instead of == to create the section header. The standard wikimarkup creates an edit link that when transcludeds links back to the original template. Thus, an editor who clicked on the edit link on the References section would confusingly open this template for editing.

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