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I am building en:Suzhou Japanese School (苏州日本人学校) on EN. I did a Google Translate of this article and it seems to indicate:

  • The first campus on Jinshan Road opened in 2005. It had 18 regular classrooms and was built for 350 students. It also had a fine arts room, technology room, a swimming pool, science room, music room, indoor gymnasium, health center, library, and soccer fields. Its cost was almost 20 million yuan.
  • The second 12,000 square meter campus is on a 42 acre plot on Huahuai Road, at the southern end of Yushan Road. It was scheduled to open in September 2012. It was built for 720 students and had a total cost of 60 million yuan. It has 24 general classrooms and 16 special classrooms.

Is this correct? WhisperToMe留言) 2015年4月13日 (一) 12:49 (UTC)

WhisperToMe: Based on the source, it only indicated that the school was established in 2005. From what I see, you are most likely correct. HYH.124留言) 2015年4月24日 (五) 12:33 (UTC)
Thank you! I'll integrate the content into the English article and think about how to write a stub in Chinese. WhisperToMe留言) 2015年4月26日 (日) 17:59 (UTC)


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--春卷柯南夫子 ( ) 2015年4月28日 (二) 12:54 (UTC)


您好。在下编写的BP步行桥正在进行同行评审,希望阁下前往提出建议和意见。谢谢!—Hy941015留言) 2015年5月4日 (一) 04:51 (UTC)

  • 问题已经解决了。谢谢您的建议!—Hy941015留言) 2015年5月4日 (一) 06:23 (UTC)


您好,官學生的英文是「Cadet」,甲一級官學生的英文是「Officer, Class 1A」,謝謝。--Clithering200+ DYK 2015年5月4日 (一) 14:27 (UTC)

Re: Wikipedia:新条目推荐/候选/列表[编辑]

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