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Sir Michael Gambon
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国籍 英國
Michael John Gambon

(1940-10-19) 1940年10月19日81歲)
配偶Anne Miller(1962年-1999年,分居)
Philippa Hart(2000年至今)

邁可·約翰·坎邦爵士CBE(英語:Sir Michael John Gambon,1940年10月19日),愛爾蘭男演員。他的聲譽崇高,作品跨足劇場、電視劇與電影等領域,其中以BBC電視劇《奇探心魔》的菲力普·馬羅及《哈利波特》系列電影的阿不思·鄧不利多(接替李察·哈里斯)等角色最為聞名。2015年2月中,因記憶力衰退宣布暫時退出影壇。[1]2017年宣布復出影壇,並接演《金牌特務:機密對決》。



年份 片名 角色 備註
譯名 原名
1965 Othello英语Othello (1965 film) Company 首次電影演出
1973 Nothing But the Night英语Nothing But the Night Inspector Grant
1974 The Beast Must Die英语The Beast Must Die (film) Jan Jarmokowski
1985 Turtle Diary英语Turtle Diary George Fairbairn
1988 Paris by Night英语Paris by Night (film) Gerald Paige
Missing Link Narrator (voice)
1989 The Rachel Papers Doctor Knowd
A Dry White Season Magistrate
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover Albert Spica
1991 Mobsters Salvatore Maranzano
1992 玩具大國民 Toys英语Toys (1992 film) General Leland Zevo
1994 A Man of No Importance英语A Man of No Importance (film) Ivor J. Garney
Clean Slate英语Clean Slate (1994 film) Philip Cornell
Squanto: A Warrior's Tale Sir George
The Browning Version英语The Browning Version (1994 film) Dr. Frobisher
1995 Bullet to Beijing Alex
Two Deaths Daniel Pavenic
鎖住的天空 Nothing Personal Leonard
1996 心魔驚魂 Mary Reilly英语Mary Reilly (film) Mr. Reilly
The Innocent Sleep Det. Insp. Matheson
Midnight in Saint Petersburg Alex
1997 The Gambler英语The Gambler (1997 film) Fyoder Dostoyevsky
三顆翼動的心 The Wings of the Dove Lionel Croy
1998 Dancing at Lughnasa英语Dancing at Lughnasa (film) Father Jack Mundy
盜寶偷心3人行 Plunkett & Macleane Lord Gibson
1999 Le Château des singes Master Martin (voice in English version: A Monkey's Tale)
Dead on Time Maurice
奪命煙幕 The Insider英语The Insider (film) Thomas Sandefur
The Last September Sir Richard Naylor
斷頭谷 Sleepy Hollow Baltus Van Tassel
2001 高斯福大宅謀殺案 Gosford Park Sir William McCordle
亂世有情天 Charlotte Gray英语Charlotte Gray (film) Levade
High Heels and Low Lifes Kerrigan
Christmas Carol: The Movie Ghost of Christmas Present (voice)
2002 阿里出城:玩到入國會 Ali G Indahouse英语Ali G Indahouse Prime Minister
2003 Little Wolf's Book of Badness Uncle Bigbad (voice)
The Actors Barreller
天地無限 Open Range Denton Baxter
篇篇情意劫 Sylvia英语Sylvia (2003 film) Professor Thomas
Deep Blue英语The Blue Planet#Film Narrator Documentary (voice)
2004 哈利波特—阿茲卡班的逃犯 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 阿不思·鄧不利多
Standing Room Only Larry
情迷祖莉亞 Being Julia Jimmie Langton
轟天戰士決戰明日世紀 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow英语Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Morris Paley
非常古惑仔 Layer Cake英语Layer Cake (film) Eddie Temple
八個捕鯊的娛民 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Oseary Drakoulias
2005 Stories of Lost Souls Larry
哈利波特—火盃的考驗 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 阿不思·鄧不利多
2006 凶兆 The Omen英语The Omen (2006 film) Bugenhagen
CIA驚天殺局 The Good Shepherd Dr. Fredericks
John Duffy's Brother Narrator (voice)
奇異恩典 Amazing Grace英语Amazing Grace (2006 film) 查爾斯·福克斯勳爵
2007 The Good Night Alan Weigert
The Baker Leo
The Alps Narrator Documentary (voice)
哈利波特—鳳凰會的密令 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 阿不思·鄧不利多
2008 故園風雨後 Brideshead Revisited Lord Marchmain
2009 哈利波特—混血王子的背叛 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 阿不思·鄧不利多
狐狸先生無得頂 Fantastic Mr. Fox Franklin Bean (voice)
2010 艾利之書 The Book of Eli George
哈利波特—死神的聖物上集 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 阿不思·鄧不利多
王者之聲:宣戰時刻 The King's Speech 喬治五世
2011 哈利波特—死神的聖物下集 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 阿不思·鄧不利多
2012 唱快人生英语Quartet (2012 film) Quartet Cedric Livingstone
2014 Unity英语Unity (film) 旁述
帕丁顿熊 Paddington
2016 Dad's Army英语Dad's Army (2016 film) Dad's Army
2017 金牌特務:機密對決 Kingsman: The Golden Circle 亞瑟


年份 劇名 角色 備註
1967 Much Ado About Nothing Watchman #4 TV film
1968 Public Eye Unknown Episode 3.4: "Have Mud, Will Throw"
1969 Fraud Squad Rex Lucien Episode 1.3: "Last Exit to Leichstenstein"
1968–1970 The Borderers Gavin Ker Appeared in 26 episodes: Episodes of The Borderers
1970 Confession Mr. Tennent Episode 1.4: "People Who Visit Glass Houses"
1971 Eyeless in Gaza Mark Staithes Episode 1.1: "O Dark, Dark, Dark, Amid the Blaze of Noon"
Episode 1.2: "With Inward Eyes Illuminated"
Episode 1.5: "And Calm of Mind, All Passion Spent"
1972 The Challengers John Killane Episode 1.1: "The Tomorrow Business"
The Man Outside Ralph Kenward Episode 1.6: "Cuculus Canorus"
1967–1972 Softly, Softly Cranley Episode 2.21: "Appointment in Wyvern"
Episode 8.11: "Welcome to the Club"
1973 Menace Ellis Episode 2.1: "Judas Goat"
A Picture of Katherine Mansfield Harry Episode #1.5
Special Branch Muller Episode 3.12: "Hostage"
Arthur of the Britons Roland Episode 2.3: "The Prisoner"
Six Days of Justice Mr.Golding Episode 3.2: "Stranger in Paradise"
ITV Saturday Night Theatre Brother Kevin Episode 6.9: "Catholics"
Great Mystery Major Rolfe Episode 1.16: "An Affair of Honour"
1974 Zodiac Reuben Keiser Episode 1.2: "The Cool Aquarian"
Masquerade Stewart Episode 1.2: "May We Come In?"
1976 Centre Play Edith Harrison Episode 3.9: "In the Labyrinth"
1972–1976 Play for Today Various characters Episode 2.17: "Cows"
Episode 6.11: "The Other Woman"
Episode 6.21: "Tiptoe Through the Tulips"
1977 ITV Sunday Night Drama Various characters Episode 1.11: "Now Is Too Late"
Episode 2.15: "The Man Who Liked Elephants"
1967–1978 Play of the Month Various characters Episode 3.3: "Romeo and Juliet"
Episode 4.3: "The Seagull"
Episode 7.1: "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
Episode 11.8: "French Without Tears"
Episode 13.4: "The Seagull"
1978 Premiere Kenny Episode 2.5: "One of These Nights I'm Gonna Get an Early Day"
1977–1979 The Other One Brian Bryant Appeared in 13 episodes
1979 Chalk and Cheese Unknown Unknown episodes
1980 Tales of the Unexpected Andrew Episode 2.11: "The Umbrella Man"
1982 ITV Playhouse Unknown Episode 14.4: "The Breadwinner"
La ronde Unknown TV film
1985 Absurd Person Singular Geoffrey Jackson TV film
Oscar英语Oscar (TV serial) 王尔德 TV mini-series
Episode 1.1: "Gilded Youth"
Episode 1.2: "Trials"
Episode 1.3: "De Profundis"
Tropical Moon Over Dorking Bill TV film
1986 奇探心魔
The Singing Detective英语The Singing Detective
菲力普·馬羅 TV serial
Episode 1.1: "Skin"
Episode 1.2: "Heat"
Episode 1.3: "Lovely Days"
Episode 1.4: "Clues"
Episode 1.5: "Pitter Patter"
Episode 1.6: "Who Done It".
1987 Bergerac英语Bergerac (TV series) Jarvis McLeod Episode 5.2: "Winner Takes All"
Night Theatre: Ghosts Pastor Manders TV serial
1989 The Heat of the Day Harrison TV film
Monster Maker Ultragorgon TV serial (voice)
About Face英语About Face (TV series) Trevor Episode 1.1: "Searching for Señor Duende"
1990 Blood Royal: William the Conqueror 威廉一世 TV film
1991 The Storyteller The Storyteller Appeared in 4 episodes: Episodes of The Storyteller
Minder Tommy Hanbury Episode 8.5: "Guess Who's Coming to Pinner?"
1992–1993 Maigret Insp. Maigret Appeared in 12 episodes: Episodes of Maigret
1993 Performance Archie Rice Episode 1.1: "The Entertainer"
1994 Faith Peter John Moreton TV film
1995 The Wind in the Willows Badger TV film (voice)
1996 Expert Witness Himself Presenter/Narrator
聖經之參孫及大利拉Samson and Delilah英语Samson and Delilah (1996 film) King Hanun TV mini-series
The Willows in Winter Badger TV film (voice)
1999 錦繡佳人Wives and Daughters Squire Hamley TV mini-series
2000 Longitude英语Longitude (TV serial) 约翰·哈里森 TV film
Endgame Hamm TV film adaptation of the play by 塞缪尔·贝克特
2001 Perfect Strangers英语Perfect Strangers (BBC TV series) Raymond TV film
2002 越戰追擊Path to War 林登·约翰逊 TV mini-series
2003 失樂的王子The Lost Prince 爱德华七世 TV mini-series
Angels in America
Prior Walter Ancestor TV mini-series
Episode 1.2: "Millennium Approaches: Chapter Two - In Vitro"
Episode 1.3: "Millennium Approaches: Chapter Three - The Messenger"
2006 Celebration英语Celebration (play)#Television adaptation Lambert TV film adaptation of the play by 哈罗德·品特
2007 Joe's Palace Elliot Graham TV film
Cranford英语Cranford (TV series) Mr. Holbrook TV mini-series
Episode 1.2: "August 1842"
Episode 1.3: "November 1842 "
2009 Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire The Narrator Episode 1.1: "Wench Trouble" (voice)
Emma英语Emma (2009 TV serial) Mr. Woodhouse Appeared in 4 episodes: Episodes of Emma
2010 異世奇人
Doctor Who
Kazran Sardick 2010 Christmas Special[2]
2011 第八頁》(Page Eight TV film