Category:没有ISO 639-3代码但有Linguist列表代码的语言

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This list is populated by writing entering a value in the [linglist] field but not in the [iso3] field of Template:Infobox language. As ISO codes are assigned to these languages, the articles should be updated to remove them from this category. In the case of dialects of languages with assigned ISO codes, however, the ISO code is not used in the info box for the dialect, because it is not specific to the dialect.

[The following articles might benefit from adding |isoexception=dialect to their infobox to move them to the dialect subcategory. The obvious ones have already been moved; most of the remaining 76 have not been reviewed:

British Romance, Jerba Berber, Matmata Berber, Modern Gutnish, Ordos Mongolian, Pannonian Romance, Bartangi language, Bhaca language, Bitama language, Bokar language, Bori language, Bosha language, Butam language, Chaha language, Chairel language, Chalon language, Chevak Cup’ik language, Chochenyo language, Chukchansi language, Corobicí language, Cumana language, Damu language, Dzubukua language, Ersu language, Fadashi language, Gallo language, Griko language, Hlubi language, Huetar language, Ilit language, Inuktun language, Itbayat language, Jabo language, Jeju language, Jek language, Kaado language, Kajtak language, Kalderash Romani language, Kamurú language, Khufi language, Kipea language, Lala language (South Africa), Lizu language, Magari language, Marawan language, Moran language, Moriori language, Muher language, Mundum language, Norman language, Nunivak Cup'ig language, Pai-lang language, Palewyami language, Palibo language, Pannonian Rusyn language, Phuthi language, Ramaytush language, Ramo language, Rumsen language, Ruthenian language, Sabujá language, Slovincian language, Tamyen language, Taram language, Tegem language, Tunumiit language, Tuscan language, Undu language, Yavapai language.



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