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A 計算機代數系統 (CAS) or symbolic computation system is a system of software packages that facilitates symbolic mathematics. Typically, these systems include

  • arbitrary precision (高精度计算) arithmetic, allowing for instance to evaluate 圓周率 to 10,000 digits.
  • symbolic manipulation engine, to simplify algebraic expressions, 导数 and 积分 函数s and solve equations
  • graphing facility, to produce graphs of functions, typically in two and three dimensions
  • 线性代数 subsystem, to allow 矩阵 computations and solving of systems of linear equations
  • high level 编程语言, allowing users to implement their own algorithms

More advanced examples usually include more sophisticated tools, including Gröbner basis packages for manipulating 理想 (环论)s in 多项式环s, which is essential for many advanced real-world applications involving 微分方程s, 机器人学, and so forth, as well as packages for working at a high level with 向量s and 張量s.