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{{Infobox drug}} and {{Chembox}} articles that have a legal status that is not in the list of known Schemes. Known schemes are pre-formatted for: AU, CA, NZ, UK, US, UN, EU (see documentation below).

or: has "Template:Rx (Prescription only)" as a unspecified note (no country or institute).

|legal_XX= options

Pre-formatted options per country or institute for the legal status of a drug. Available in {{Infobox drug}} and {{Chembox}} by parameters |legal_XX= (AU, CA, NZ, UK, US, EU, UN).

Sister parameters |legal_XX_comment= can be used, and added after the listed option with a space, unedited (as entered).

All input is case-insensitive (both OTC and otc are OK).
Do not enter {{Unicode|℞}}. Better use or Template:Mxt instead.

Legal status[编辑]

Australia (AU)[编辑]

Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons
  • |legal_AU= |legal_AU_comment=

Canada (CA)[编辑]

  • |legal_CA= |legal_CA_comment=

New Zealand (NZ)[编辑]

  • |legal_NZ= |legal_NZ_comment=

United Kingdom (UK)[编辑]

Sources: NHS
  • |legal_UK= |legal_UK_comment=

United States (US)[编辑]

Sources: ...
  • |legal_US= |legal_US_comment=

United Nations (UN)[编辑]

Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, Convention on Psychotropic Substances
  • |legal_UN= |legal_UN_comment=

European Union (EU)[编辑]

European law on drug precursors, European Council decisions on designer drugs
  • |legal_EU= |legal_EU_comment=

legal status (general)[编辑]

  • |legal_status=

See also[编辑]

Maintenance tasks

This category should be empty.

  • Listed under " ": Schedule/classification input {{Unicode|℞}} should be replaced by or Rx.
  • Listed under *: |legal status= has "Rx only". However, this is impossible as a general statement, there is no such worldwide status. The input should be more precise (for example: "Usually prescription only in Asia").
  • For all countries and institutes listed here: |legal_XX should have a valid code from the listed options only. All descriptive text should be added in |legal_XX_comment=. If this causes a problem, please report at this talkpage.

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