Category:Italian commune使用了过时参数



此分类来自Template:Infobox Italian comune,当使用过时参数时会被添加。It can be populated at any time by reversion to older articles, cut and paste move from history and similar events, by the deprecation of parameters, or by the importation of untranslated infoboxes from the Italian language Wikipedia. Specifically, the template checks for the existence of values in any of the following parameters: |abitanti=, |altitudine=, |anno=, |cap=, |comuniLimitrofi=, |coordinates=, |densita=, |festivo=, |fiscale=, |gentilic=, |gradiGiorno=, |img_coa=, |latitudineGradi=, |latitudineMinuti=, |latitudineSecondi=, |linkBandiera=, |linkStemma=, |locator_position=, |longitudineGradi=, |longitudineMinuti=, |longitudineSecondi=, |map=, |mapx=, |mapy=, |nomeAbitanti=, |nomeComune=, |panorama=, |patrono=, |population_density_km2=, |postalcode=, |prefisso=, |siglaProvincia=, |siglaRegione=, |sito=, |superficie=, |timezone=, |zonaSismica=.

To fix the problem if any of the above parameters have values, move the value to a parameter that exists in the infobox's documentation, or delete the parameter and its value if there is no reasonable matching parameter.

Articles without the required |name= parameter will be placed in this category. To fix the problem, provide a value for the |name= parameter.

Articles in which the required |name= parameter is identical to either |official_name= or |native_name= will be placed in this category. To fix the problem, delete the redundant names, leaving only the |name= parameter filled in.

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