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代号 PTENP1; PTEN-rs; PTEN2; PTENpg1; PTH2; psiPTEN
扩展标识 遗传学613531 GeneCards英语GeneCards: PTENP1 Gene
物种 人类 小鼠
Entrez英语Entrez 11191 n/a
Ensembl ENSG00000237984 n/a
UniProt n/a n/a
mRNA序列 NR_023917 n/a
蛋白序列 n/a n/a
基因位置 Chr 9:
33.67 – 33.68 Mb
PubMed查询 [1] n/a




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  • Sakurada A; Suzuki A; Sato M; 等. Infrequent genetic alterations of the PTEN/MMAC1 gene in Japanese patients with primary cancers of the breast, lung, pancreas, kidney, and ovary. Jpn. J. Cancer Res. 1998, 88 (11): 1025–8. PMID 9439675.  已忽略未知参数|author-separator= (帮助)
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