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  1. Select a new quote attributed to a different individual than any of those currently quoted below.
  2. Add a new Quote to the next available subpage, using the layout format from the link above.
  3. Add a citation of where the quote was stated on that subpage below the quote.
  4. Update the "Random subpage" start and end values at the Main Portal page to include the new Quote.


Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/1

Gene Roddenberry

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/2 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/2

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Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/4 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/4

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/5 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/5

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/6 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/6

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/7 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/7

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Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/10 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/10

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/11 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/11

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/12 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/12

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/13 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/13

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/14 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/14

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/15 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/15

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/16 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/16

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/17 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/17

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/18 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/18

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/19 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/19

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/20 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/20

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/21 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/21

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/22 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/22

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/23 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/23

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/24 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/24

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/25 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/25

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/26 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/26

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/27 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/27

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/28 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/28

Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/29 Portal:星际迷航/Selected quote/29


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