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停战诸国” → “特鲁西尔酋长国”:改名的原因--留言) 2021年7月21日 (三) 03:01 (UTC)

Frankly speaking, the title of the page was poorly translated and in no way reflect the name "Trucial States". I urge to Wikipedia editor to support my proposition of changing the name. The source I applied may not be the official translation (From the government of UAE). Still, I think the source is verifiable and the best translation I can find.

Suggestion to change the name of the page[编辑]

I don’t think the previous changes by the administration has made done any references of the changes. I think the change is arbitrary. To change to this current name, please provide a valid reference and support to such changes. Still, the amendment I am making do provide the literal translation of the text in English. Or 休戰諸國 can be another alternative, since trucial states is derived from Perpetual Maritime Truce, where the name is “Trucial” come from. Thank you.