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朝鲜民主主义人民共和国专题 (获评极高重要度)
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德語版有提到檀君時期的歷史,但我看不懂。有誰可以幫我翻譯? -- 石添小草 03:30 2003年12月5日 (UTC)

Here's good info: w:Dangun. --Menchi 04:16 2003年12月5日 (UTC)

Potonggang (P'yŏng-yang; 평양; 平壤) is the capital of North Korea with 2,7 million inhabitants, in the southwest of the country. The river Taedong flows by the city.

Korea Tourist Map

In Potonggang there has universities, a modern metro system as well as an international airport, Pyongyang Sunan International Airport (FNJ) haven, approx.. 24 km west of Potonggang. From Potonggang there are railway connections to Beijing(Peking, China) and after Vladiwostok(VVO) in Russia (last stop of the Trans-Siberian railway).

Unofficial Web Page of Pyongyang Sunan International Airport (FNJ)

Unofficial Web Page of Pyongyang Metro System

Among the more well-known buildings in otherwise city "forgotten in the west to a large extent the" the Ryugyong hotel with its unorthodox architecture (105 floors ranks, upward pointedly approaching). It belongs to a number of socialist buildings of splendour, Kim IL Sung,father current North Korea niches of the ruler Kim Jong IL let which plan and build.

History Pyongyang is considered as the oldest city in Korean peninsula. The capital of the Tangun dynasty (2333 v. Chr.) is to have been, where 1122 v. Chr. after a legend the today's Pjoengjang based is. Written history begins 108 v. Chr. with the establishment of a Chinese commercial colony in the proximity of the city. 427 Pjoengjang the capital of the Koengigreichs Koguryo became. 668 the city was conquered by the Chinese. The kings of the KoryoDaynastie (after those Korea in the west was designated) made Pjoengjang their second capital. The city was conquered 1592 by the Japanese and in early 17. Century of the Manchus destroys.

After Korea the foreign country had opened, Pyongyang became the basis for the Christian Missionierung. In the city over 100 churches were built, and 1880 was in the city more Protestant mission acres than in every other asiatic city.

During Sino-Japapischens the war (1894/95) and the following epidemics Pjoengjang in far parts was destroyed and depopulated nearly completely. During the Japanese crew time (1910-45) Pjoenjang became an industrial centre. In the Korea war (1950-53) the city was destroyed by air raids. 1950 were taken Pjoengjang by the UN troops, lost later however to the troops of the Chinese freiwilligen. After 1953 Pjoengjang with Soviet and Chinese assistance was developed again and became the capital of Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK).



條目右邊的平壤直轄市介紹我覺得很有問題耶 ,成立日期在"前1122年"?應該是北韓成立後才有平壤直轄市的吧!--Wicors 05:46 2005年6月22日 (UTC)

成立日期是指城市的建立日期?--zy26 (Talk) 08:08 2005年6月24日 (UTC)


「由於北朝鮮奉行民主自由的制度,北朝鮮政府對民眾的宗教信仰採取開放態度。」請問這句的出處在哪裡?--Hello World! () 11:37 2006年1月20日 (UTC)

抱有懷疑。--Iflwlou 05:52 2006年6月27日 (UTC)

改新罗光复平壤为占领 因为此前新罗未曾拥有过平壤 故光复是不适宜的 另外我国辽宁省朝鲜族居住时间并不长 所以去掉


北韓民主主義人民共和國-------世界上沒有這種國名 請改回朝鮮民主主義人民共和國