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Detail correction[编辑]

"2006年起,第二代的手碟在氮化鋼表面鍍了一層銅,亥姆霍茲共鳴器的基礎音定於 D2"

It is not copper but brass! -- (留言) 2009年12月20日 (日) 17:18 (UTC)

Title of the article[编辑]

Is there anybody speaking English or German who can help to correct the title of this article? I noticed that the title is translated as "hand plate" or "hand dish". But this is not the name of this musical instrument. The name is "Hang". Who can make a correct transcription to Chinese and change the title of the article and the term 手碟 within the article?

Gibt es irgendjemanden, der englisch oder deutsch spricht und dabei helfen kann, den Titel dieses Artikels zu korrigieren? Ich habe bemerkt dass der Titel "Hand Platte" oder "Hand Teller" übersetzt wird. Aber das ist nicht der Name dieses Musikinstruments. Der Name ist "Hang". Wer kann eine korrekte Umschrift in Chinesisch machen und den Titel des Artikels und den Ausdruck 手碟 innerhalb des Artikels ändern? -- (留言) 2010年10月8日 (五) 14:01 (UTC)

I am sorry that I have just seen this message after 5 years. You are right. "Hang" is a unique instrument that made by PANArt Hangbau AG (and the name has trademarked). Therefore IMO the Chinese Name (手碟) seems more suitable for the English article en:Handpan rather than en:Hang. However, I am afraid that due to the limit information and rare in Chinese Society, not many people are interested about the changing. Probably I will try to raise it out on Forum and see what is the opinion from others. --Foamposite留言) 2015年7月27日 (一) 19:26 (UTC)
I noticed that you edited the article to include the Handpan. (By the way: The term is mostly written "handpan" and not "Hand Pan"). I have deleted the term "Hang Pan". This term was never used by Pantheon Steel. In fact if it would be used it would be a trademark infringement because it includes the term "Hang".
There is another problem in the first paragraph. As far as I understood you see the term 手碟 as translation of the term "handpan". But in the first paragraph 手碟 is identified with "Hang". This schould be changed. --Ixkeys留言) 2015年7月28日 (二) 18:25 (UTC)


這原來已是一個五年前的問題。一名外國朋友的IP用戶指出本條目 "Hang" 的翻譯不應稱作「手碟」,小弟剛翻查了一些資料,發覺「Hang」應該是該公司的專利名稱,因最初發明這樂器時,只有他們一間公司才懂得做,於是便將樂器定名為「Hang」,但隨著其他樂器公司於2010年代亦研發出相近的樂器,英文名稱才出現了「Handpan」一字,亦即是現時英文維基中en:Handpan這個條目,個人覺得現時「手碟 (樂器)」似乎更符合後者多於現條目,請問其他人有何意見?--Foamposite留言) 2015年7月27日 (一) 19:26 (UTC)

This article is only about the instrument Hang built by PANArt Hangbau AG. Therefore the article must be correctly named "Hang". "Hang" is the name of the instrumet built by PANArt and it is also a registered trademark. The corresponding English Wikipedia article is
Handpan is a generic name for a group of similar instruments built and offered since about 2009. In the English Wikipedia there is another Wikipedia article about the term handpan:
Therefore you have to decide: If this article stays as it is, it must be named correctly "Hang". If you want to write about handpan then you must completely rewrite this article or you write another article about handpan and rename this article with "Hang". --Ixkeys留言) 2015年7月27日 (一) 21:08 (UTC)