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  • 使用{{性别|state=collapsed}}使本模板显示为折叠(隐藏)状态。
  • 使用{{性别|state=expanded}}使本模板显示为展开(显示)状态。
  • 使用{{性别|state=autocollapse}}使本模板仅在页面上有其他相同类型的模板时,显示为折叠(隐藏)状态。
  • 除非另有设定(请见模板代码内的|state=参数),autocollapse为默认状态。

This template is about sex in biology There are numerous related templates for sex in human, sexual reproduction, Sex determination and differentiation, relationships, gender identity, legal and ethical aspects, etc. (See categories). This template is an overview, and can not contain every article related to biological sex. Before considering adding an item to this template, try to find a more specific navigation template. This template is included o/n a number of pages. Before making any content additions, please discuss them on the talk page first. When adding or removing an item from the template, be sure to make the appropriate change to the target page as well.