Template:British Isles

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This template was developed based on a discussion on the 爱尔兰岛讨论页(英文維基) regarding objection there to the use of the term “不列颠群岛。”It is based on the original British Isles template developed by Lofty for use on articles relating to those islands. By default it will insert the above template but has the possibility to set a different title, if necessary.

It is proposed that articles where the community would prefer the use of a different term first reach a consensus with regard to what other term(s) to use and then insert the template, adjusting the title as necessary.


The template can be inserted on a page in one of two ways:

1. Where there are no objections to the use of the term "British Isles" on a page, use the following:
{{British Isles}}
2. On articles where there are objections, first reach a consensus as to what other term(s) to use, then insert the template using the following code (replacing "Title Will Go Here" with the agreed title):
{{British Isles|Title Will Go Here}}

Collapsible option[编辑]

  • 使用{{British Isles|state=collapsed}}使本模板显示为折叠(隐藏)状态。
  • 使用{{British Isles|state=expanded}}使本模板显示为展开(显示)状态。
  • 使用{{British Isles|state=autocollapse}}使本模板仅在页面上有其他相同类型的模板时,显示为折叠(隐藏)状态。
  • 除非另有设定(请见模板代码内的|state=参数),autocollapse为默认状态。