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{{Infobox closed London station
|name           = 
|image          = 
|image_name     = 
|imagesize      = 
|image_alt      = 
|caption        = 
|latitude       = 
|longitude      = 
|map_type       = 
|label_position = 
|coord_region   = 
|gridref        = 
|owner          = 
|planner        = 
|locale         = 
|borough        = 
|coordinates    = 
|platforms      = 
|start          = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
|end            = 
|replace        = 
|railstation    = 
|original       = 
|pregroup       = 
|postgroup      = 
|years1         = 
|events1        = 
|years2         = 
|events2        = 
|years3         = 
|events3        = 
|years4         = 
|events4        = 
|years5         = 
|events5        = 
|years6         = 
|events6        = 
|years7         = 
|events7        = 
|years8         = 
|events8        = 
|years9         = 
|events9        = 
|years10        = 
|events10       = 
|years11        = 
|events11       = 
|years12        = 
|events12       = 
|years13        = 
|events13       = 
|years14        = 
|events14       = 
|years15        = 
|events15       = 


Data field Description
start date station was opened; use {{Start date}}
end only appears if start has been used
replace if station did not open leave out
image use the full image syntax, but for consistency between articles, do not specify type, location, alignment, or caption. E.g.
|image=[[File:Example.jpg|240px|alt=A railway station with two platforms. There is a train at the left-hand platform]]
these provide an alternative method of specifying the image. If |imagesize= is omitted, the default is 240px. The |image_alt= parameter is used for alternative image text. E.g.
|image_alt=A railway station with two platforms. There is a train at the left-hand platform
caption caption for the image, used whether |image= or |image_name= is specified.
Generates a map. Default is Greater London. Outside London it can be set to the local county.
For latitudes between 51.4866 and 51.5369 with longitudes between -0.1994 and -0.0686 set |map_type=Central London for larger-scale map.
Label position can be altered using |label_position= where needed, valid values are bottom, left, right, top; default is bottom.
When giving coordinates, please don't be overly precise.
The {{decdeg}} template may be used to convert coordinates in degree/minute/second format into decimal degrees.
coord_region When |latitude= and |longitude= are provided, a link to mapping services is generated upper right. By default this link has region:GB; use |coord_region= to alter that. Codes should comply with ISO 3166-2:GB, e.g. use |coord_region=GB-BNE for the London Borough of Barnet.
gridref OS grid reference.
railstation=yes Only needed for stations with national rail services. Forces the UK Railways Portal link to appear
Railway companies that originally opened the station, owning company at the time of 1923 Grouping, and successor company after the 1923 Grouping
years1 events1
years2 events2
years3 events3
years15 events15
Key events in station history. Up to 15 pairs may be used.

All parameters are optional.

For stations such as Brockley Hill which never opened some of these parameters should be left blank.

Owner should be shown as the company that originally opened the station or, if it never opened, it should be "Never Opened" and the planner parameter should show the name of the company that planned to open it.


Template:Infobox closed London station

{{Infobox closed London station
|name           = Aldwych
|image_name     = Aldwych tube station.jpg
|imagesize      = x240px
|caption        = Entrance to Aldwych (formerly Strand) station
|latitude       = 51.5123
|longitude      = -0.1158
|map_type       = Central London
|label_position = top
|coord_region   = GB-LND<!-- City of London -->
|owner          = [[Piccadilly Line|Great Northern, Piccadilly & Brompton Railway]]
|planner        =
|locale         = [[Aldwych]]
|borough        = [[City of Westminster]]
|platforms      = 2
|start          = {{Start date|1907}}<br>Closed 1940<br>Reopened 1946
|end            = 1994
|replace        = none
|railstation    = 


Use {{coord}} with region:GB_type:railwaystation|display=inline,title


本模板產生的HTML記號包含了HCard 微格式,能夠讓電腦解析地點名稱和位置,具有可自動將文章分類至適當類別的功能。在HCard中有Geo微格式,能讓電腦分析经纬度資料,因此可在地圖上查詢,或下載至全球定位系统(GPS)裝置。關於微格式的更多使用資訊,請參閱維基百科的微格式專題

hCard 使用以下的 HTML class:

  • "adr"
  • "county-name"
  • "fn"
  • "label"
  • "locality"
  • "nickname"
  • "note"
  • "org"
  • "vcard"

Geo由{{coord}}產生,並使用以下的HTML class:

  • "geo"
  • "latitude"
  • "longitude"



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