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name Template's name (required for {{navbar}}).
style To apply extra CSS styles to the whole template (e.g. background).
series Category name, turning the wording "a series" into a link to that category.
title Template's title. Default formatting includes bolding.
titlestyle Use to provide alterative CSS styling to the default.
image To include an image between the template's header and body.
Full wikisyntax needed (i.e. [[Image:''Filename''...]]).
headingstyle Extra CSS styling to apply to headings.
heading1 First heading within template's body.
content1 Content below heading1 (if used).
heading2 Second heading (if used).
content2 Content below heading2 (if used).
heading30 Currently the last possible heading.
content30 Content below heading30 (if used).
below Use for e.g. portal links. Default formatting includes bolding.



list1title Title for the first collapsible list
list1 The first collapsible list
list30title Currently the last possible collapsible list title
list30 Current the last possible collapsible list