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{{Football squad}} is designed to be used within squad list templates (typically placed at the bottom of a player page) in order to make editing and standardisation easier. If you want to use this template first set up a new template for your squad, typically called something like Template:(team name) squad.

  • name:需使用模板的名稱,不含Template:。此欄用作顯示左上角的模板維護連結。
  • teamname:球隊名稱一欄請使用該球會在維基百科條目所使用的名稱,以英格蘭足球會「西汉姆联足球俱乐部」(West Ham)為例,應使用「西汉姆联足球俱乐部」避免連結出現錯誤。
  • title:球隊顯示名稱,name一欄已為title一欄提供連結,title一欄需使用球隊的常用名稱。球隊名稱可加入手工轉換標籤-{zh-hans:簡體字譯名;zh-hant:繁體字譯名;zh-hk:香港譯名;zh-tw:台灣譯名;zh-sg:新馬譯名;zh-mo:香港譯名;}-以作用詞處理。


Templates useful for formatting the list are:

  • {{football squad2 player}} - takes parameters "no" (number) and "name" (player name).
  • {{football squad lastplayer}} - same as above, but without a trailing bullet mark. Use this only as the last entry on a list.
  • {{football squad manager}} - takes the parameter "name" (manager name) and the optional parameter "title" (defaults to "Manager"). Has no bullet mark afterward, use only as the last entry on a list.
{{football squad
{{football squad2 player|no=2|name=[[安德雷亚·多塞纳|多塞纳]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=3|name=[[史蒂夫·芬南|芬南]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=4|name=[[萨米·海皮亚|海皮亚]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=5|name=[[丹尼尔·阿格|阿格]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=8|name=[[史蒂文·杰拉德|杰拉德]]}}
{{football squad2 player|no=9|name=[[费尔南多·托雷斯|费尔南多·托雷斯]]}}
{{football squad manager|name=[[拉法埃尔·贝尼特斯|贝尼特斯]]}}