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This template is used to produce a phonetic or phonemic representation (using the IPA system) of French words or sounds, using natural spelling to avoid the need to search for the correct phonetic symbols. The result is wikilinked to Help:IPA for French. Optionally, an audio file can also be specified.


The number of parameters is always limited to 33.

Normal usage:

With an audio file:

  • {{IPAc-fr|AUD|FR-Québec.ogg|qu|e|b|E|c}} produces [kebɛk] 关于这个音频文件 聆聽

To change the delimiters (for example, if several instances of the template need to be strung together because of the limit on the number of parameters):

The full range of special values for the first parameter (changing the delimiters and/or specifying that the next parameter is an audio file) is as follows:

  • -- [- -] // /- -/ AUD -]AUD //AUD -/AUD

The following parameters have special meanings:

  • - (hyphen) for a space between words
  • _ (underscore) Liaison
  • ' (apostrophe) for a primary stress mark (placed before the stressed syllable)
  • N for a sound like English ng (in words like bank)

Other values used as parameters will be displayed unconverted. (The conversion system is coded in Template:c-fr.)