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Infobox saint
出生 {{{birth_date}}}
逝世 {{{death_date}}}
敬奉 {{{venerated_in}}}
列福 {{{beatified_date}}},{{{beatified_place}}} 由{{{beatified_by}}}
列聖 {{{canonized_date}}},{{{canonized_place}}} 由{{{canonized_by}}}
朝聖地英语Shrine {{{major_shrine}}}
慶節 {{{feast_day}}}
聖人象徵英语Saint symbolism {{{attributes}}}
主保 {{{patronage}}}
相關議題 {{{issues}}}
禁止聖人敬禮英语Cult_(religious_practice)#In_Christianity {{{suppressed_date}}} 被{{{suppressed_by}}}禁止
受影响于 {{{influences}}}
施影响于 {{{influenced}}}
傳統/學派 {{{tradition}}}
著作 {{{major_works}}}


{{Infobox Saint


name The name under which the saint is venerated or best known. This should usually be the same as the article name.
feast_day Saint's principal feast day. (Roman Catholic and Orthodox calendars often have different dates for the same saint. If a saint is venerated by both, it would be good to indicated both days and which is which, e.g., for St. John the Apostle: Dec. 27 (Roman Catholic), May 8 (Orthodox).)


venerated_in Denomination(s) where this saint is recognized.
image An icon, statue, etc. Use the name of the image file only. Do not include "File:"
imagesize Width of the image. Use appropriate units, e.g. 150px for 150 pixels. If this parameter is omitted, 250px will be used.
caption Caption for image, if necessary.
birth_date Date of birth. Can be approximate.
birth_place Place of birth
death_date Date of death. Can be approximate.
death_place Place of death
titles Title under which saint is venerated. See the Style Guidelines for a definition of titles.
beatified_date Date of beatification, if applicable.
beatified_place Place where beatification was announced, if applicable.
beatified_by Authority for beatification. In Catholicism, this will be the Pope of the time.
canonized_date Date of canonization, if applicable.
canonized_place Place where canonization/glorification was solemnly performed.
canonized_by Authority for canonization. In Catholicism this will be the Pope of the time; in Orthodoxy is usually a synod.
attributes Standard iconographic elements. Usually pontifical, episcopal, etc. insignia, tools of martyrdom and so forth.
patronage People, places, diseases...
major_shrine Usually the site of the saint's relics or principal icon
suppressed_date If the Roman Catholic Church has suppressed the cult of this saint, give the date here.
suppressed_by The Pope under whose authority this saint was removed from official veneration.
issues Controversial issues surrounding this saint.


本模板使用了hCard 微格式標記,被標記的人物資料可以被電腦分析讀取,以便将其自動归類,或者透過專門的瀏覽器取得資料訊息,例如將訊息加入通訊錄。關於在維基百科使用微格式的詳細訊息,請參見微格式維基專題

出生日期(bday)參數只能使用於包含了 {{bd}} 或 {{Birth date and age}} 模板的信息框。

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