Template:Infobox UK feature

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如有可能,请使用更为专业化的模板如{{Infobox lake}}, {{Infobox river}}, {{Infobox rail line}}, {{Infobox park}}, {{Infobox building}}, {{Infobox museum}}, {{Infobox bridge}}, +Infobox mountain , {{infobox UK place}}, {{Infobox artwork}}, {{Infobox religious building}}和{{Infobox church}}等。

There is a sandbox for this template, and testcases.



{{Infobox UK feature
|official_name = # [defaults to {{PAGENAME}}]
|shire_county/state = #
|country = England #
|label_position = auto|top|bottom|left|right (label position relative to the mark on the map)
|nation = UK #
|map_name =
|map_relief =
|static_image_name = 
|static_image_caption = 
|static_image_alt = 
|static_image_2_name = 
|static_image_2_caption = 
|static_image_2_alt = 
|os_grid_reference = 
|irish_grid_reference =
|latitude = *
|longitude = *
  • Items shown with a "#" are required
  • |country and |nation have the defaults shown
  • |map_name may be used to select a map which has a different name to |country, see Template:Location map for more details. The map can be suppressed with 'nomap'.
  • |static_image_alt is for an alternate text – see WP:ALT
  • |static_image_name and |static_image_2_name have a default width of 240px. For smaller widths use the following options;
|static_image_width = [width as number (180) or size (180px)]
|static_image_2_width = [width as number (180) or size (180px)]

Official name[编辑]

The heading (official_name) uses the same coding as Template:Infobox UK place including the style 'nowrap'. For long names this will force the infobox to expand sideways. To avoid this include <br /> (bottom rule; equivalent to break or newline) in official_name.

Captions and text size[编辑]

The four image options [image, caption, image_2, image_2_caption] can be used in any combination. Normal usage would be image + caption; caption+image_2+image_2_caption gives caption top and bottom to one image.

The captions are by default made to print in smaller text using the HTML container <small>caption</small>. Any valid html tags can be used, but for normal text or large text the default has to be reversed:
See example.

Embedded tables[编辑]

It is, in theory, possible to embed any table or infobox in this infobox after the second caption - see the example. Although this should work for all tables most of the tables tested default to a greater width (typically 300px) making the application unsatisfactory – see poor example.


Undocumented options[编辑]

UK articles should use the defaults so that the articles match with Template:Infobox UK place and other infoboxes. Other articles may wish to make use of the following options (defaults shown). See example.

 |label = |official_name [which defaults to {{PAGENAME}}]
 |marksize = 9
 |mark = Red_pog.svg

Using the correct template[编辑]

There are many other templates available which in some cases will be more suitable; see list at top of page.