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Minnetonka Cave
Minnetonka Cave.JPG
Minnetonka Cave, administered by the U.S. Forest Service
Map showing the location of Minnetonka Cave
Map showing the location of Minnetonka Cave
位置 美國愛達荷州貝爾萊克縣
坐標 42°05′14″N 111°31′07″W / 42.08722°N 111.51861°W / 42.08722; -111.51861
發現 1907年
地質 喀斯特地形密西西比世石灰岩
洞口的數量 1
訪問 Tours are available in season


{{Infobox cave
| name = 
| other_name = 
| photo = 
| photo_width = 
| photo_caption = 
| map = 
| map_width = 
| map_caption = 
| map_alt = 
| location = 
| coords = 
| lat_d = | lat_m = |lat_s = | lat_NS = 
| long_d = | long_m = | long_s = | long_EW = 
| coords_ref = 
| land_registry_number =
| grid_ref_UK = 
| grid_ref_Ireland = 
| grid_ref = 
| depth = 
| length = 
| height_variation =
| altitude = 
| discovery = 
| geology = 
| entrance_count = 
| entrance_list = 
| difficulty = 
| hazards = 
| access = 
| show_cave = 
| show_cave_length = 
| lighting = 
| visitors = 
| features = 
| survey = 
| survey_format = 
| website = 



參數 說明
name 洞穴的名字,它將被顯示在信息框的頂部。
other_name 該洞穴的其它名稱。
photo 圖像的名稱,沒有特定的格式。
photo_width 圖像的寬度。默認值和最大值是256px。
photo_alt Alt text for the photo, for visually impaired readers. See WP:ALT.
photo_caption 圖像的標題。
map 將要顯示的地圖的名稱。見#地圖顯示
map_width 地圖寬度。預設值為220px,最大值為256px。只需填數字,不需要加px,例如 map_width=180不是 map_width=180px
map_alt Alt text for the map. See WP:ALT.
map_caption 地圖的說明文字。
relief 填入任何非空白的字符則會在使用location map模板時使用地形圖(如有)。見#地圖顯示
mark 地圖上顯示洞穴位置的標記。預設使用Red pog.svg。For more information, go here.
marker_size 標記的寬度(以px計)。通常不需特別指定。預設值為8px。
label_position This seldom used parameter will generate a text label next to the a location marker. Valid values are left, right, top and bottom. If no value is assigned to the label parameter below, the name will be used.
label Text that will be displayed next to the location marker. See label_position above.
location 洞穴的位置。Don't be too precise. County, state and country are good in the USA. If the area is within a city specify the city, state and country. If the area is in multiple counties just list the state and country. For areas in other countries adjust accordingly. The text should be meaningful to a reader who lacks knowledge of local geography.
coords For the {{Coord}} template. This syntax will not automatically generate a location marker on a map. When this option is used the type, region, scale, source, format and display parameters are not functional but this data can be entered in the {{Coord}} template. The defaults should be type:landmark and display:inline,title.
lat_d 緯度。This value can be specified as a decimal degree and when this format is used minutes and seconds should not be specified.
lat_m 緯分。
lat_s 緯秒。
lat_NS 北緯填 N,南緯填 S。
long_d 經度。This value can be specified as a decimal degree and when this format is used minutes and seconds should not be specified.
long_m 經分。
long_s 經秒。
long_EW 東經填 E,西經填 W。
coords_ref Used with either coordinate display method above. Strongly recommended. Specify a citation for the coordinates using <ref>...</ref> tags.
land_registry_number Reference number of the cave in the relevant land registry.
type Type is one way to specify the scale of maps generated by external map websites. See WP:COORD TYPE for valid values. The default value is landmark which is most appropriate for caves. This parameter and the three below help GeoHack in selecting suitable map resources.
scale Determines the zoom factor for external map websites. See WP:COORD SCALE. Using scale=50000 will change the zoom factor to 1:50,000.
region A country code. See ISO 3166-2:US, ISO 3166-2 and ISO 3166-1二位字母代码. For example US-OR is the code for Oregon. This computer readable code is recommended. It will not be displayed. See WP:COORD REGION.
source Source of the coordinate data. See WP:COORD SOURCE. It will not be displayed.
format Determines the format used to the display coordinates. 可填 dms(顯示度、分、秒)或 dec(顯示有小數位的度)。預設值為 dms
display Determines where the coordinates will be displayed. 可填 inlineinline,title。預設值為 inline,title
Specifies the position of the location marker on a map image. The coordinates of the marker in pixels based on a map with a width of 1000 pixels. The template will scale these values for proper display. See below.
Specifies the position of the location marker on a map image. x% specifies the percentage of the distance across the image from the left edge and y% specifies the percentage of the distance down from the top edge. See below.
depth 從地表到洞穴的最深部的距離,如 5m (+2m, -3m)
length 調查過的洞穴長度,如 5m (+2m, -3m)
height_variation 洞內高度,如 5m (+2m, -3m)
altitude 海拔
discovery 洞穴的發現日期及發現者。
geology 地質學,洞穴是石灰石、大理石、白雲巖、頁岩、礫岩、玄武岩或別的東西。這是一個海邊洞穴、熔岩管,或岩溶洞穴。見洞穴文章。
entrance_count 洞口的數目。
entrance_list 洞口列表。
difficulty 困難度,要求的技術水平,探索洞穴安全。不要使用數字,除非你提供的鏈接網站,解釋數字意味著什麼。
hazards Are there hazards such as sumps, flooding, strong underwater currents, rock falls, or histoplasmosis.
access 是否可自由進入?(私人地方/公共地方/受限制/需要許可證?)
show_cave See the show cave article. Give the year it was opened.
show_cave_length The length of the show cave tour.
lighting 洞穴內的照明
visitors The number of visitors in a recent year if known.
features Features of special interest found in the cave, which might include speleogens such as boxwork, anthodites, lavacicles, or helictites.
survey If a cave survey has been done, then when was it and who did it.
survey_format The cave survey software package used. For example: Survex.
register The name of a cave registry. Preferably with a footnote citing the register webpage.


Any image of a map showing the location of the protected area can be used. There are three methods by which maps showing a marker can be generated.

Template:Infobox map/Map display methods

Parameters for use in articles about caves of the British Isles[编辑]

Field name Description
grid_ref_UK If the cave is in Great Britain, the British grid reference.
grid_ref_Ireland If the cave is in Ireland (whether Northern Ireland or the Republic), the Irish grid reference.
grid_ref Specify a citation for the grid reference using <ref>...</ref> tags.

Example of an infobox for a cave in the British Isles[编辑]

Aveline's Hole
Aveline's Hole
位置 Mendip Hills, Somerset, England
OS grid ST 4761 5867
深度 16米(52英尺)
長度 68米(223英尺)
Altitude 99米(325英尺)
發現 1797
地質 Limestone
Registry Mendip Cave Registry[1]
{{Infobox cave
| name = Aveline's Hole
| photo = Avelineshole.jpg
| photo_caption = Aveline's Hole
| location = [[Mendip Hills]], [[Somerset]], [[England]]
| grid_ref_UK = ST 4761 5867
| depth = {{convert|16|m}}
| length = {{convert|68|m}}
| altitude = {{convert|99|m}}
| discovery = 1797
| geology = Limestone
| difficulty = 
| hazards = 
| access = 
| register = Mendip Cave Registry<ref>{{cite mcra |id=3 |name=Aveline's Hole |accessdate=2012-03-30}}</ref>

For other registries consider using <ref>...</ref> tags and {{cite web}}.

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