Template:Infobox coord

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Provides an easy way to load data into the Coord template when building Infoboxes that require direct data input for use in maps. The data the Coord template uses is loaded in that template without additional effort. The new template will behave as if Coord template where used directly. Because the Coord template is used all the functionality that template offers such as the creation of hCards are implemented.


Field Description
lat_d = Degrees of latitude (can be a decimal degree).
lat_m = Minutes of latitude.
lat_s = Seconds of latitude.
lat_NS = N for north or S for south of the equator.
long_d = Degrees of longitude (can be a decimal degree).
long_m = Minutes of longitude.
long_s = Seconds of longitude.
long_EW = E for east or W for west of the prime meridian.
type = For information about type go here.
pop = For use with type:city and will produce city(pop)
region = For information about region go here.
scale = For information about scale go here.
source = For information about source go here.
globe = For information about globe go here.
display = inline or inline,title or title and variants.
format = dms for degree, minutes, second output, dec for decimal digit output.
name = For information about name go here.

Degrees must be specified. If degrees are not signed then NS or EW must also be specified. If type is city and pop is the population then city(population) is loaded in the Coord template.

For advice on creating new templates that include coordinate data see Creating new templates.


{{Infobox coord
| lat_d   = 
| lat_m   = 
| lat_s   = 
| lat_NS  = 
| long_d  = 
| long_m  = 
| long_s  = 
| long_EW = 
| type    = 
| pop     = 
| region  = 
| scale   = 
| source  = 
| globe   = 
| display = 
| format  = 
| name    =