Template:Infobox cricketer/career

賽事 {{{column1}}} {{{column2}}} {{{column3}}} {{{column4}}}
上場次數 {{{matches1}}} {{{matches2}}} {{{matches3}}} {{{matches4}}}
得分 {{{runs1}}} {{{runs2}}} {{{runs3}}} {{{runs4}}}
平均得分 {{{bat avg1}}} {{{bat avg2}}} {{{bat avg3}}} {{{bat avg4}}}
100s/50s {{{100s/50s1}}} {{{100s/50s2}}} {{{100s/50s3}}} {{{100s/50s4}}}
最高得分 {{{top score1}}} {{{top score2}}} {{{top score3}}} {{{top score4}}}
Balls bowled {{{deliveries1}}} {{{deliveries2}}} {{{deliveries3}}} {{{deliveries4}}}
Wickets {{{wickets1}}} {{{wickets2}}} {{{wickets3}}} {{{wickets4}}}
Bowling average {{{bowl avg1}}} {{{bowl avg2}}} {{{bowl avg3}}} {{{bowl avg4}}}
5 wickets in innings {{{fivefor1}}} {{{fivefor2}}} {{{fivefor3}}} {{{fivefor4}}}
10 wickets in match {{{tenfor1}}} {{{tenfor2}}} {{{tenfor3}}} {{{tenfor4}}}
Best bowling {{{best bowling1}}} {{{best bowling2}}} {{{best bowling3}}} {{{best bowling4}}}
接殺/擊殺 {{{catches/stumpings1}}} {{{catches/stumpings2}}} {{{catches/stumpings3}}} {{{catches/stumpings4}}}
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This subtemplate is used by {{infobox cricketer}} to generate the career statistics table, it should not be used directly.