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This template can be used to create an infobox for an article about a forest. It can be embedded in other infoboxes to provide addition data. For more information on this option read Infobox Embedding.


If both a photo and a map are to be displayed the photo will appear at the top of the infobox and the map at the bottom. If only a map is to be displayed then the map will appear at the top.

Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest
Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest的位置
Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest的位置
位置Southeastern Minnesota, United States
坐标44°31′13″N 92°27′18″W / 44.52028°N 92.45500°W / 44.52028; -92.45500
管理者Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Private
{{Infobox forest
| name               = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| native_name        = 
| native_lang        = 
| native_name2       = 
| native_lang2       = 
| photo              = 
| photo_caption      = 
| photo_width        = 
| map                = 
| map_caption        = 
| map_width          = 
| coordinates        = 
| county             = 
| region             = 
| country            = 
| elevation          = 
| area               = 
| max_area           = 
| date_max_area      = 
| status             = 
| established        = 
| visitation         = 
| visitation_year    = 
| events             = 
| authority          = 
| website            = 
| ecosystem          = 
| classification_WWF = 
| classification_EPA = 
| classification_CEC = 
| disturbance        = 
| forest_cover       = 
| species            = 
| indicator_plants   = 
| lesser_flora       = 
| fauna              = 

Parameter descriptions[编辑]

The only required parameter is name and it must be assigned a value

Parameter Wikilink Definition
name No Name of forest. (Required)
native_name No Name in native language.
native_lang No Use ISO 639 codes.
native_name2 No Name in second native language.
native_lang2 No Use ISO 639 codes.
photo No Photo of forest.
photo_caption No Caption for photo.
map No The name of any image file or the name of area the covered by a location map template. See below.
map_caption No Caption displayed below the map if necessary.
county Yes County where forest is located.
region Yes Region where forest is located: state, province, etc.
country Yes Country where forest is located.
coordinates No For use with the {{Coord}} template. See below if a map is to be displayed.
elevation No Either mean or range elevation
area No Area of current extent of area
max_area No Historical maximum extent of forest
date_max_area No Year when forest was at maximum extent
status Yes Ownership (private, state), protection/endangerement level, etc.
established No Date
visitation No Number of persons
visitation_year No Visitation parameter: e.g. August 2010, 2004.
events Yes Historic or cultural events that took place in forest: e.g. battles.
authority Yes Governing body.
website No Official website.
ecosystem Yes Use in absence of, or in addition to, WWF/EPA/CEC ecoregions.
classification_WWF Yes Worldwide.
classification_EPA Yes United States.
classification_CEC Yes United States.
disturbance Yes Primary disturbances that affect forest.
forest_cover No Express as a percentage.
species Yes Dominant tree species
indicator_plants Yes Ecosystem: lesser flora that primarily indicate land cover
lesser_flora Yes Non-woody plant species unique or dominant to forest
fauna Yes Animal species unique or dominant to forest

Map display method[编辑]

A marker can be superimposed on a map using one of a set of map templates. This method requires the geographic coordinates to be entered using the parameters below and assigning map the name of the area covered by one of a set of location map templates. The parameters for this template map to a subset of the parameters for {{Location map}} and reading the documentation for that template might be helpful.

The coordinates and related information must be entered using the of parameters below. This information is the same as that used by the {{coord}} template.

Parameter Definition
map Name of location map template. For example, specify France to use the values in Module:Location map/data/France. See Template:Location map#Available map templates.
map_width Width to display the map image. Default is 250, maximum is 264. For example, map_width=220 (not map_width=220px).
relief Any non-blank value (yes, 1, etc.) will cause the template to display a relief map image, where available. For additional information, see Template:Location map#Relief parameter.
map_alt Alternative text for the map image, see WP:ALT.
map_caption Text displayed below the map image, if required.
mark The image to use for the marker. The default is Red pog.svg. See Template:Location map for more information.
marker_width The display width of the marker image in pixels. Default = 8.
label Text that will be displayed next to the marker. Works with label_position below. Seldom used.
label_position Specifies the position of a label with respect to the marker. Valid values are left, right, top and bottom. See label above.
The parameters below are used to enter the data that can be entered in {{Coord}}.
coordinates The latitude and longitude. Use the {{Coord}} template.
coords_ref Used with either coordinate display method above. Strongly recommended. Specify a citation for the coordinates using <ref>...</ref> tags.

Location map templates can be found using these sources:

List of templates - 1050 templates available when the list was generated.
Category:Location map templates - templates sorted by category.
Special:Prefixindex/Template:Location map - a search that might help.
Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Location map/Info - another search that might help.

The value you need to assign to the parameter, map, is the area name. The location map for France is Module:Location map/data/France. In this case specify map=France.

Forest of Halatte
Forêt d'Halatte
Forest of Halatte的位置
Forest of Halatte的位置
位置Picardy, France
坐标49°14′45″N 2°34′15″E / 49.24583°N 2.57083°E / 49.24583; 2.57083
{{Infobox forest
| name = Forest of Halatte
| native_name = Forêt d'Halatte
| map = France
| map_caption = 
| relief = yes
| location = [[Picardy]], France
| coordinates = {{coord|49|14|45|N|2|34|15|E|region:FR|display=inline|}}

Parameters for use in articles about forests of the British Isles[编辑]

Field name Description
grid_ref_UK If the forest is in Great Britain, the British grid reference.
grid_ref_Ireland If the forest in Ireland (whether Northern Ireland or the Republic), the Irish grid reference.

Tracking category[编辑]

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