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Use the following infobox for all types of power stations. For hydroelectric power stations involving dams (except tidal facilities), please use {{Infobox dam}}. Hold down CTRL to copy separate sections of the template code (Windows):

官方名稱 {{{name_official}}}
國家 {{{country}}}
位置 {{{location}}}
坐標 0°0′0″N 0°0′0″E / 0.00000°N 0.00000°E / 0.00000; 0.00000
現況 {{{status}}}
開始建設 {{{construction_began}}}
啟用日期 {{{commissioned}}}
退役日期 {{{decommissioned}}}
建造費用 {{{cost}}}
持有人 {{{owner}}}
操作人員 {{{operator}}}
類型 {{{geo_type}}}
最低發電溫度 {{{geo_temp_requirement}}}
水井 {{{geo_well_count}}}
最大井深 {{{geo_well_depth}}}
熱水輸出 {{{geo_water_output}}}
熱電聯產? {{{geo_cogeneration}}}
反應堆類型 {{{np_reactor_type}}}
反應堆供應商 {{{np_reactor_supplier}}}
燃料類型 {{{np_fuel_type}}}
類型供應商 {{{np_fuel_supplier}}}
熱電聯產? {{{np_cogeneration}}}
冷凍來源 {{{np_cooling_source}}}
冷卻塔 {{{np_cooling_towers}}}
上池 {{{psps_upper_res}}}
上池容量 {{{psps_upper_res_capacity}}}
壓力鋼管 {{{psps_penstocks}}}
下池 {{{psps_lower_res}}}
下池容量 {{{psps_lower_res_capacity}}}
揚程 {{{psps_hydraulic_head}}}
發電機組 {{{psps_generators}}}
水泵發電機 {{{psps_pumpgenerators}}}
水泵 {{{psps_pumps}}}
類型 {{{solar_type}}}
CSP技術 {{{solar_csp_technology}}}
濃度比率 {{{solar_concentration}}}
集熱器 {{{solar_collectors}}}
總集熱面積 {{{solar_collectors_area}}}
總孔面積 {{{solar_aperture_area}}}
場地面積 {{{solar_site_area}}}
場地資源 {{{solar_site_resource}}}
主要燃料 {{{th_fuel_primary}}}
次要燃料 {{{th_fuel_secondary}}}
三級燃料 {{{th_fuel_tertiary}}}
類型 {{{th_technology}}}
進料礦 {{{th_feed_mine}}}
熱電聯產? {{{th_cogeneration}}}
聯合循環? {{{th_combined_cycle}}}
冷凍來源 {{{th_cooling_source}}}
類型 {{{tide_technology}}}
TSG英语Tidal stream generator類型 {{{tide_tsg_type}}}
閘高度 {{{tide_barrage_height}}}
閘長度 {{{tide_barrage_length}}}
閘寬度 {{{tide_barrage_width}}}
橫跨 {{{tide_crosses}}}
渠道寬度 {{{tide_channel_width}}}
渠道速率 {{{tide_channel_speed}}}
垂直長度 {{{tide_dtp_length_perp}}}
平行長度 {{{tide_dtp_length_para}}}
潮差 {{{tide_range}}}
類型 {{{wave_technology}}}
海上場地面積 {{{wave_site_area}}}
發電機深度 {{{wave_generator_depth}}}
離岸距離 {{{wave_shore_distance}}}
類型 {{{wind_farm_type}}}
平均場地高度 {{{wind_site_elevation}}}
場地用途 {{{wind_site_usage}}}
場地面積 {{{wind_site_area}}}
最大水深 {{{wind_offshore_depth}}}
離岸距離 {{{wind_offshore_distance}}}
輪轂高度 {{{wind_hub_height}}}
轉子直徑 {{{wind_rotor_diameter}}}
額定風速 {{{wind_rated_speed}}}
營運單位 {{{ps_units_operational}}}
品牌和型號 {{{ps_units_manu_model}}}
常量單位 {{{ps_units_uc}}}
計劃單位 {{{ps_units_planned}}}
取消單位 {{{ps_units_cancelled}}}
退役單位 {{{ps_units_decommissioned}}}
熱容量 {{{ps_thermal_capacity}}}
額定容量 {{{ps_electrical_capacity}}}
容量因子 {{{ps_electrical_cap_fac}}}
存儲容量 {{{ps_storage_hours}}}
總發電量 {{{ps_annual_generation}}}
{{Infobox power station
| name                   = 
| name_official          = 
| image                  = 
| image_size             = 
| image_caption          = 
| image_alt              = 
| location_map           = 
| location_map_size      = 
| location_map_caption   = 
| location_map_alt       = 
| lat_d     = 
| lat_m     = 
| lat_s     = 
| lat_NS    = 
| long_d    = 
| long_m    = 
| long_s    = 
| long_EW   = 
| coordinates_type       = type:landmark
| coordinates_display    = inline,title
| country                = 
| location               = 
| status                 = 
| construction_began     = 
| commissioned           = 
| decommissioned         = 
| cost                   = 
| owner                  = 
| operator               = 
<!------------------------- GEOTHERMAL POWER STATIONS -->
| geo_type               = 
| geo_temp_requirement   = 
| geo_well_count         = 
| geo_well_depth         = 
| geo_water_output       = 
| geo_cogeneration       = 
<!------------------------- NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS -->
| np_reactor_type        = 
| np_reactor_supplier    = 
| np_fuel_type           = 
| np_fuel_supplier       = 
| np_cogeneration        = 
| np_cooling_source      = 
| np_cooling_towers      = 
<!------------------------- PUMPED-STORAGE POWER STATIONS -->
| psps_upper_res         = 
| psps_upper_res_capacity= 
| psps_penstocks         = 
| psps_lower_res         = 
| psps_lower_res_capacity= 
| psps_hydraulic_head    = 
| psps_generators        = 
| psps_pumpgenerators    = 
| psps_pumps             = 
<!------------------------- SOLAR FIELD -->
| solar_type             = 
| solar_csp_technology   = 
| solar_concentration    = 
| solar_collectors       = 
| solar_collectors_area  = 
| solar_aperture_area    = 
| solar_site_area        = 
| solar_site_resource    = 
<!------------------------- THERMAL POWER STATIONS -->
| th_fuel_primary        = 
| th_fuel_secondary      = 
| th_fuel_tertiary       = 
| th_technology          = 
| th_feed_mine           = 
| th_cogeneration        = 
| th_combined_cycle      = 
| th_cooling_source      = 
<!------------------------- TIDAL POWER STATIONS -->
| tide_technology        = 
| tide_tsg_type          = 
| tide_barrage_height    = 
| tide_barrage_length    = 
| tide_barrage_width     = 
| tide_crosses           = 
| tide_channel_width     = 
| tide_channel_speed     = 
| tide_dtp_length_perp   = 
| tide_dtp_length_para   = 
| tide_range             = 
<!------------------------- WAVE FACILITIES -->
| wave_technology        = 
| wave_site_area         = 
| wave_generator_depth   = 
| wave_shore_distance    = 
<!------------------------- WIND FARMS -->
| wind_farm_type         = 
| wind_site_elevation    = 
| wind_site_usage        = 
| wind_site_area         = 
| wind_offshore_depth    = 
| wind_offshore_distance = 
| wind_hub_height        = 
| wind_rotor_diameter    = 
| wind_rated_speed       = 
<!------------------------- GENERAL -->
| ps_units_operational   = 
| ps_units_manu_model    = 
| ps_units_uc            = 
| ps_units_planned       = 
| ps_units_cancelled     = 
| ps_units_decommissioned= 
| ps_thermal_capacity    = 
| ps_electrical_capacity = 
| ps_electrical_cap_fac  = 
| ps_storage_hours       = 
| ps_annual_generation   = 
| website                = 
| extra                  = 


參數 簡介
Lead section
name 發電廠名稱
name_official 官方名稱,可能和 name 不同。適合填入該國母語。
image 圖片文件名,不需要添加 File: 參數。
image_size 盡量避免使用;預設值為 250px。
image_caption 圖片下方的說明文字
image_alt 圖像的替代文字
location_map 位置地圖檔案名稱,必須指定經緯度座標(見下方)。
location_map_size 盡量避免使用;預設值為 250px。
location_map_caption 位置地圖下方的說明文字
location_map_alt 圖像的替代文字
lat_d 緯度
lat_m 緯分。如果 lat_d 採用十進制格式時可忽略或留白。
lat_s 緯秒。如果 lat_d 採用十進制格式時可忽略或留白。請注意避免過於精確。
lat_NS 北緯或南緯(輸入 NS)。如果只填lat_d和long_d(例如帶有小數位的經緯度),請在lat_NS和long_EW留空,以免產生「A hemisphere can only be provided with DMS degrees for longitude」錯誤。(本模板的英文維基百科版本沒有此問題,原因待查。)
long_d 經度
long_m 經分。如果 long_d 採用十進制格式時可忽略或留白。
long_s 經秒。如果 long_d 採用十進制格式時可忽略或留白。請注意避免過於精確。
long_EW 東經或西經(輸入 EW<c/ode>)。
coordinates_type Optional parameter to add additional coordinate functions. See here for more details.
coordinates_display Display the coordinates inline or title, or both as inline,title.
country 所在國家。
location General area where located. Avoid being overly-detailed.
status State of the project. 填以下其中一項:

P=Proposed, U=Under construction, O=Operational, M=Mothballed,
B=Being decommissioned, D=Decommissioned, C=Project cancelled.

construction_began 建造工程開始日期, consider using {{Start date}}.
commissioned Date commissioned, or to be commissioned, of the first unit. Consider using {{Start date}}.
decommissioned Date decommissioned, or to be decommissioned, of the last unit. Consider using {{End date}}.
cost Total cost of development. For non-USD values, consider using: {{To USD|XXXXXX|YYY|ZZZZ}}.
Replace XXXXXX, YYY, and ZZZZ, with the value, the non-USD country name or code, and the year, respectively.
owner Owner(s) of the power station. Consider limiting to the top two, and include ownership percentage.

Example: Owner1: 60% <br/>Owner2: 40%

operator Plant operator(s). If different from owner.
Geothermal power stations
geo_type The type of geothermal power station. 填以下其中一項:

DS=Dry steam, FS=Flash steam, BC=Binary cycle.

geo_temp_requirement Minimum temperature requirement of geothermal source. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|C|F|0|abbr=on}}
geo_well_count Number of geothermal wells.
geo_well_depth Depth of the deepest well.
geo_water_output Hot water production in litres.
geo_cogeneration Is the power station a cogeneration type? Add Yes or No.
Nuclear power stations
np_reactor_type The type(s) of reactors currently in use, and its corresponding number of reactors. For multiple reactors types, you may use the <br/> function.
For power stations using a single type of reactor, enter any one of the following auto-expanding fields:


np_reactor_supplier Reactor supplier(s)
np_fuel_type Type of nuclear fuel.
np_fuel_supplier Supplier of nuclear fuel.
np_cogeneration Is the power station a cogeneration type? Add Yes or No.
np_cooling_towers Number of cooling towers.
Pumped-storage hydroelectric power stations
psps_upper_res Name of upper reservoir.
psps_upper_res_capacity Water storage capacity of upper reservoir.
psps_penstocks Number of penstocks between the reservoirs.
psps_lower_res Name of lower reservoir.
psps_lower_res_capacity Water capacity of lower reservoir.
psps_hydraulic_head Hydraulic head from upper reservoir.
psps_generators Number of generation units of the pumped-storage power station.
psps_pumpgenerators Number of units used for both generating and pumping.
psps_pumps Number of pumping units to the upper reservoir.
Solar field
solar_type The type of solar technology in use. Enter any one of the following auto-expanding fields:

PV=Flat-panel PV, CPV=CPV, CSP=CSP

solar_csp_technology The CSP technology in use (not applicable for non-concentrated solar tech and CPV). Enter any one of the following auto-expanding fields:

D=Dish Stirling, T=Solar power tower, F=Fresnel reflector, or P=Parabolic trough.

solar_concentration Concentration of plant: Low, Medium, or High. See also: Types of CPV and Types of CSP.
solar_collectors Number of heliostats or collectors
solar_collectors_area Total combined surface area of heliostats or collectors.
solar_aperture_area Total combined aperture of heliostats or collectors.
solar_site_area Land area used for entire facility. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|km2|mi2|0|abbr=on}}
solar_site_resource Site solar resource in kWh/m2/yr.
Thermal power stations
th_fuel_primary Primary fuel source
th_fuel_secondary Secondary fuel source (optional)
th_fuel_tertiary Tertiary fuel source (optional)
th_cogeneration Is the power station a cogeneration type? Add Yes or No.
th_combined_cycle Is the power station a combined cycle type? Add Yes or No.
th_cooling_source If the power station uses cooling water, add the source of the water. For other cooling technologies, add the name of technology, e.g. "air-cooled".
Tidal power stations
tide_technology The tidal technology in use. Enter any one of the following auto-expanding fields. For tidal barrage technology, please use infobox dam.

TSG=Tidal stream generator, DTP=Dynamic tidal power

tide_tsg_type Type of tidal stream generator.
tide_barrage_height Height of tidal barrage.
tide_barrage_length Length of tidal barrage.
tide_barrage_width Width of tidal barrage.
tide_crosses Channel of water across which the barrage is build, or in which the tidal generators are located.
tide_channel_width Width of above mentioned channel.
tide_channel_speed Speed of water flow in the above-mentioned channel. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|m/s|ft/s|1|abbr=on}}
tide_dtp_length_perp Perpendicular length of the dynamic tidal power structure.
tide_dtp_length_para Parallel length of the dynamic tidal power structure.
tide_range Tidal range created by the dynamic tidal power structure.
Wave farms
wave_technology The wave technology in use (capture method). Capture methods are buoy (point absorber), surface-following attenuator, terminator,
oriented perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation, oscillating water column, underwater attenuator.
wave_site_area Surface area used for entire facility. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|km2|mi2|0|abbr=on}}
wave_generator_depth Average water depth at the converter locations. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|m|ft|0|abbr=on}}
wave_shore_distance Minimum distance from shore of wave farms. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|m|ft|0|abbr=on}}
Wind farms
wind_farm_type Type of wind farm (Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore). See also Types of wind farms.
wind_site_elevation Highest ground altitude (don't add hub height) over which a turbine is constructed. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|m|ft|0|abbr=on}}
wind_site_usage Ground usage of Onshore wind farms (e.g. Farm land, desert).
wind_site_area Area used for entire facility. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|km2|mi2|0|abbr=on}}
wind_offshore_depth Average water depth of Offshore wind farms. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|m|ft|0|abbr=on}}
wind_offshore_distance Minimum distance from shore of Offshore wind farms. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|m|ft|0|abbr=on}}
wind_hub_height Height of the wind turbine towers from base to hub. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|m|ft|0|abbr=on}}

If multiple types of turbines are in use, enter the maximum value.

wind_rotor_diameter Diameter of wind turbine rotor. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|m|ft|0|abbr=on}}

If multiple types of turbines are in use, enter the maximum value.

wind_rated_speed Rated wind speed of the wind turbine model. Consider using: {{Convert|XX|m/s|ft/s|1|abbr=on}}

If multiple types of turbines are in use, enter the minimum value.

End section (used by all power station types, including those not listed above)
ps_units_operational Number of currently operational turbines/generating units. Not applicable for pumped-storage power stations.
ps_units_manu_model Shortened name(s) of manufacturers and models of currently operational turbines/generating units.
ps_units_uc Number of generating units under construction.
ps_units_planned Number of generating units currently planned/proposed for installation.
ps_units_cancelled Number of planned generating units cancelled.
ps_units_decommissioned Number of generating units decommissioned or under decommissioning.
ps_thermal_capacity Thermal capacity.
ps_electrical_capacity Current gross installed capacity in megawatts, or planned capacity for those under development.
For those which are operational, but with additional under development, please add only the current installed value.
ps_electrical_cap_fac Capacity factor of the power station, in percentage.
ps_storage_hours Storage capacity of the power station, in hours.
ps_annual_generation Average annual gross power generation. For a single-year value, adding the year in brackets is encouraged.
website Official website.
extra Use this field to add an additional infobox within this infobox. Example.


本模板產生的HTML記號包含了HCard 微格式,能夠讓電腦解析地點名稱和位置,具有可自動將文章分類至適當類別的功能。在HCard中有Geo微格式,能讓電腦分析经纬度資料,因此可在地圖上查詢,或下載至全球定位系统(GPS)裝置。關於微格式的更多使用資訊,請參閱維基百科的微格式專題

hCard 使用以下的 HTML class:

  • "adr"
  • "county-name"
  • "fn"
  • "label"
  • "locality"
  • "nickname"
  • "note"
  • "org"
  • "vcard"

Geo由{{coord}}產生,並使用以下的HTML class:

  • "geo"
  • "latitude"
  • "longitude"