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{{Infobox sports award
| name        =
| image       =
| image_size  =
| alt         =
| caption     =
| sport       =
| competition =
| discipline  =
| givenfor    =
| english     =
| localnames  =
| nickname    =
| sponsor     =
| location    =
| country     =
| presenter   =
| first       =
| number      =
| last        =
| firstwinner =
| mostwins    =
| mostrecent  =
| url         = <!-- {{URL|example.com}} -->


The sports award infobox provides a standardised quick overview of all types of sports awards. It provides a quick overview of the main details of the award in an easy to view sideframe to the main article proper.


參數 說明
name common name, usually the same as the article title
image ideally a picture of the award
sports the type of sport the award is used in
competition the competition the award is used in
discipline the discipline the award is used in
givenfor the type of achievement that the award is given for
english name in English
localnames an {{unbulleted list}} for local names, use {{native name|xx|...}} (where xx is the two letter language code) to indicate language
nickname nickname (if any), if a local nickname then also supply a translation
sponsor the person, group or organisation that monetarily sponsors the award
location the location or venue where the award is presented
country the country of the presenter or where the award is presented
presenter the person, group or organisation that presents the award
first year the award was first used
number number of awards given
last year of final award, not most recent
firstwinner winner of the first award
mostwins an {{unbulleted list}} of record winners
mostrecent winner of the most recent award
pastwinners collapsed list of past winners of award
url web address; use {{URL}}



As per the manual of style entry on linking, years should not be linked as they do not provide much benefit to the user. Linking of other entries is discouraged as most of these links will present themselves in the article's introduction.


Use {{flagathlete}} to fully comply with WP:MOSICON.


Combativity award
Jersey red number.svg
運動項目 Road bicycle racing
賽事 Tour de France
获得者 Fighting spirit
当地名 Le Prix de la combativité 法語
国家 France
頒發次數 42 (as of 2050)
首位得主  Gérard Saint 法國
3 times
最近得主  Sylvain Chavanel 法國
{{Infobox sports award
| name          = Combativity award
| current_event =
| image         = Jersey_red_number.svg 
| sport         = Road bicycle racing
| competition   = Tour de France
| discipline    =
| givenfor      = Fighting spirit
| english       =
| localnames    = {{native name|fr|Le Prix de la combativité}}
| nickname      =
| sponsor       =
| location      =
| country       = France
| presenter     =
| first         = 1959
| number        = 42 (as of 2050)
| last          =
| firstwinner   = {{flagathlete|Gérard Saint|FRA}}
| mostwins      = {{unbulleted list|{{flagathlete|Eddy Merckx|BEL}}|{{flagathlete|Bernard Hinault|FRA}}|{{flagathlete|Richard Virenque|FRA}}}}
:''3 times''
| mostrecent    = {{flagathlete|Sylvain Chavanel|FRA}}
| pastwinners = {{unbulleted list
 |1953 {{flagathlete|Wout Wagtmans|NED}}|
 |1954 {{flagathlete|Lucien Lazarides|FRA}} {{flagathlete|François Mahé|FRA}}|
 |1955 {{flagathlete|Charly Gaul|LUX}}|