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{{irrelevant citation|{{subst:DATE}}|reason=可填寫簡短的加上模板理由,如多於一句,請寫在討論頁。}}

{{irrelevant citation|date=2019年9月|reason=可填寫簡短的加上模板理由,如多於一句,請寫在討論頁。}}


This inline template is similar to {{failed verification}}, but indicates that a verifiability check of a cited source found that 該來源與引用它作為來源的條目內容無關(即是它離題,既不能幫助查證,亦不能確立關注度),rather than blatantly falsified. 舉例,某條目寫了某事引發加拿大民眾不滿並且列出某個在加拿大發表的來源,但是該來源說的卻是某事引發愛爾蘭民眾不滿,而在加拿大只引發一些溫和的政治評論。Another common case is when the article say something about one narrow topic, and cites a source that says the same thing, but about another topic, e.g. the source says that hip dysplasia, common to some cat breeds, can be so debilitating that veterinarians may recommend euthanasia, while the source says this about some dog breeds and never mentions cats at all.

Citation problems that trigger the need for this template are most often good-faith attempts to provide source citations, that fail because of less than careful processing of the information in the source or because of assumptions and improper correlation. If it appears systemic and willful, consider use a tag relating to original research instead, such as {{OR}} (inline) or {{Original research}} (banner). In particularly bad cases, mark the article {{Disputed}}.

加上本模板的條目會歸入Category:缺少可靠来源的条目或其子分類。This is a milder categorization than {{failed verification}}'s Category:有未列明来源语句的条目