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This template is for use on an article's talk page to show that the article's infobox needs to be converted. As well as adding the message to the talk page, it adds the page to an appropriate category for cleanup.


This template goes on an article's talk page, not on the article itself because infobox formatting or replacement is not an article content issue, unless the old/broken infobox raises a verifiability, POV or content dispute issue. Use one of the types below as a type parameter, for example: {{newinfobox|type=single}}.

Type Infobox Category
single {{Infobox single}} Category:Song articles needing single infobox conversion
song {{Infobox song}} Category:Song articles needing song infobox conversion
game {{Infobox video game}} Category:Video game cleanup
school See: WikiProject Schools/Infobox templates Category:School articles without infoboxes
ship {{Infobox ship begin}} Category:Ship articles needing infobox conversion
See: Category:Infobox templates Category:Pages needing an infobox conversion

type can also be set to the name of the infobox to use, for example {{newinfobox|type=Infobox person}}

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