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此模板是展示有關太陽系外行星系統軌道性質資訊的模板群之一。此表必須有{{OrbitboxPlanet begin}}在表的第一行並同時有{{Orbitbox end}}在表的最末行。此個別模板用法如下:

{{OrbitboxPlanet begin}}

However, this template is manually set to name the title after the article's name. This can be overridden by using the syntax as followed:

{{OrbitboxPlanet begin
| name = <!--Name of star (only use if article title differs from planet host star name)-->
| table_ref = <!--Reference for values in table (optional)-->
| period_unit = <!--Unit for orbital period, defaults to "day" (should be singular form)-->

The following templates are used together and (excluding the beginning and end) can be used multiple times in the same list as listed below.

{{OrbitboxPlanet begin}}
{{OrbitboxPlanet}} (只適用於系外行星和未確定[但不是棕矮星的])。
{{OrbitboxPlanet hypothetical}} (只用於假設的行星)
{{OrbitboxPlanet disk}} (只用於星周盤)
{{Orbitbox end}}

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