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This template is part of a group of templates that are used to display information about the orbital characteristics of an extrasolar planetary system. The list should always have {{OrbitboxPlanet begin}} as the first in the list, while the list should have {{Orbitbox end}} as the last in the list. This particular template can be used as follows:

{{OrbitboxPlanet hypothetical
| exoplanet = <!--Name of the hypothetical planet's letter (link to article is optional), leave blank if no designation exists-->
| mass = <!--Mass of the planet, in Jupiter masses (can use mass_earth instead)-->
| mass_earth = <!--Mass of the planet, in Earth masses (can use mass instead)-->
| semimajor = <!--Semimajor axis (or distance from its star) of the hypothetical planet in AU-->
| period = <!--Orbital period of the hypothetical planet, in days-->
| eccentricity = <!--Eccentricity of the hypothetical planet-->
| status = <!--Planet status, e.g. unconfirmed, disputed - defaults to "unconfirmed"-->

This template should not be used for planets which have been disproven.

The following templates are used together and (excluding the beginning and end) can be used multiple times in the same list as listed below.

{{OrbitboxPlanet begin}}
{{OrbitboxPlanet}} (只適用於系外行星和未確定[但不是棕矮星的])。
{{OrbitboxPlanet hypothetical}} (只用於假設的行星)
{{OrbitboxPlanet disk}} (只用於星周盤)
{{Orbitbox end}}

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