Template:Set category

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This message box should be placed at the top of set categories to alert editors.

The name of the category will replace "Set category" in the message.

The category will automatically be added to Category:集合分类. If the template is transcluded on a page outside of the category namespace, the page will not be added to Category:集合分类.


The parameter |alternative=alternative text replaces the name of the category in the message with "alternative text". Replace "alternative text" with text that fits better into the message than the name of the category. This should also be used if the first letter of the first word of the category is capitalised but would not be capitalised in the middle of a sentence. Do not use links in the alternative text as this would clutter up the message.

The parameter |first=first alternative text replaces the first occurrence of the name of the category or alternative text in the message with "first alternative text". Replace "first alternative text" with text that fits better into the message than the name of the category. It can be used to provide more information than the alternative text and can contain links.

The parameter |topic=Topic category adds "Category:Topic category, one of its subcategories or other" after "should be placed in" in the message. Replace "Topic category" with a related topic category.

The parameter |single=example adds "Topics and categories related to just an individual example should not be in this category." to the end of the message.

All parameters are optional; however, the single parameter is recommended.


{{Set category|first=[[披頭四樂隊]]成员|alternative=披頭四樂隊成员|topic=披頭四樂團|single=披頭四樂隊}}


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