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Hazewinkel, Michiel (编), Springer, 数学百科全书, Springer, 2001, ISBN 978-1-55608-010-4 

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This template adds an external link to an article in SpringerLink, an online encyclopedia based on the 数学百科全书.



 | title=
 | id= 
 | last=
 | first=
 | author-link=
 | last2=
 | first2=
 | author2-link=
  • title (or article): Title of the article
  • id: Springer's id number for the article, which is part of the url. For example the article http://eom.springer.de/f/f041470.htm would have id=f/f041470
  • last (or last1): The first author's surname or last name.
  • first (or first1): The first author's first or given name(s).
  • author-link (or author1-link): Title of an existing Wikipedia article about the first author.
  • last2, The second author's surname or last name, if applicable.
  • first2, The second authors' first or given name(s), if applicable.
  • author2-link: Title of an existing Wikipedia article about the second author, if applicable.


Suppose you want to add an external link to Springer's article on Fredholm theorems. The title of this article is "Fredholm theorems" so following the mediawiki page article naming convention the id of the article page would be "Fredholm_theorems". However, because the article is a dynamic document, the version number must be included in the id to complete the citation. The full template id for the current version of this article would be "Fredholm_theorems&oldid=12814".

The code

* {{SpringerEOM|id=Fredholm_theorems&oldid=12814|title=Fredholm theorems|first=B.V.|last= Khvedelidze}}

will produce the link

The code

* {{SpringerEOM|id=Virasoro_algebra&oldid=15975|title=Virasoro algebra|first=V.|last=Kac|authorlink=Victor Kac}}

will produce

The code

*{{SpringerEOM|id=Index_formulas&oldid=18079|title=Index formulas|first=M.I. |last=Voitsekhovskii|first2=M.A.|last2=Shubin}}

will produce

The Harvard citation templates (with year 2001) will produce internal links; for example {{harv|Kac|2001}} produces the link (Kac 2001), and {{harv|Voitsekhovskii|Shubin|2001}} produces (Voitsekhovskii & Shubin 2001).