Template:TC stats table end3

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{{{num-cyclones}}}个气旋 {{{dates}}}   {{{max-winds}}} {{{min-press}}} {{{tot-areas}}} {{{tot-damage}}} {{{tot-deaths}}}  

This templates produces the footer for tropical cyclone statistics tables, and ends the table.


{{TC stats table end|num-cyclones=|dates=|max-winds=|min-press=|tot-areas=|tot-damage=|tot-deaths=}}

  • num-cyclones is the total number of tropical cyclones (including depressions) listed in the table.
    • If special formatting is needed, num-cyclones-text can be used instead. Note that the word "cyclones" must be explicitly included in the text if this alternate parameter is used.
  • dates is the range of dates (inclusive) for all of the listed tropical cyclones.
  • max-winds is the maximum windspeed listed.
  • min-press is the minimum pressure listed.
  • tot-areas should be left blank; the field is present as a filler rather than provide unnecessary, repetitive information.
  • tot-damage is the total damage for the season.
  • tot-deaths is the total deaths for the season.

To see how this template is used with other tropical cyclone statistics templates, see template:TC stats table start3