Template:Transclude selected recent additions

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This templates transcludes "Did you know?" blurbs on specified topics from the monthly subpages of Wikipedia:Recent additions (the Did you know? archives). It is intended for use in the "Did you know" sections of Portals.


{{Transclude selected recent additions | <search pattern 1> | ... | <search pattern n> | not1= | ... | notn= | months= | max= | latest= | none= | more= |header= |footer= }}
{{Transclude selected recent additions| search pattern }}
Multiple search patterns
{{Transclude selected recent additions| search pattern | second search pattern | third search pattern }}
Add as many search patterns as needed
With patterns to exclude items
{{Transclude selected recent additions| search pattern | not=search pattern to exclude from results }}
Add additional search patterns to exclude items from results using |not2=, |not3=, etc.
As a portal component which only displays when items are found
{{Transclude selected recent additions| header= header template | footer= footer template | other parameters }}
As a suggestion generator, e.g. on the portal talk page
{{Transclude selected recent additions| latest=yes | wikitext=yes | other parameters }}


|1=, |2=, |3= ...
Search patterns for items
|not1=, |not2=, |not3= ...
Search patterns for excluding items
Number of months to search through for items (counting backwards from the current date); default is 30 (nb. you may find large numbers equal to several years won't work for technical reasons).
Maximum number of items to display; default is 6
Set to yes to display the most recent items; omit this parameter to display a randomised set of items (with new selections when the page is purged)
Set to yes to display the wikitext of the items, e.g. when using this template just to generate suggestions
Wikitext to display if no matching items are found; default is "No recent additions"
Wikitext to show at the bottom of the list; OR
Set to yes to show More recent additions... link at the bottom of the list
Wikitext to show above the items; typically {{Box-header}} or {{Box-header colour}} or similar (with appropriate parameters filled in)
If set, this template only displays output when items are found (overriding |more= if set)
Wikitext to show below the items; defaults to {{Box-footer}}
Can only be used in conjunction with |header=

Search patterns[编辑]

Search patterns are Lua patterns, which are similar to regular expressions. This means that ^$()%.[]*+-? characters have special meaning, such as . matching any character. To search for those characters themselves, they need to be escaped by prefixing a %

For piped links, both the target article name as well as the displayed text are searched for matches. Images and image captions are not searched for matches.

Template:Bulb Tip: To make a letter in a search pattern case-insensitive, put both the upper-case and lowercase letter inside square-brackets, i.e. [Aa]pple will match both An apple is... and Apples are....


Template:Transclude selected recent additions/doc/examples

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