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Subtemplate for turning an easily typeable name for a unit into a proper scientific notation for the unit without a link to a page about the unit. See {{val/unitswithlink}} for a version that provides a link to the unit as well. If the template does not have an entry for the unit, it is returned "as is".

This template is used by {{val}} to translate the u and up arguments. When adding a unit of the type X/Y (eg. m/s), please consider adding a X·Y-1 version as well (and name it X*Y-1).


1 = The easily typable name of the unit.


{{val/units|m/s}}  →  m/s
{{val/units|m*s-1}}  →  m·s-1
{{val/units|MeV}}  →  MeV
{{val/units|kg}}  →  kg
{{val/units|whatever}}  →  whatever (unimplemented)

Feel free to add new units if they are not implemented.