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{{winners|sport|title|nation|opt. number of title|opt. flag variant}}

Produces a small box to identify the winner of an international sport tournament. The flag of the nation is displayed above the wikilink to the appropriate national team article.

  • sport — One of:
    • bk or bkw — men's or women's basketball
    • davis or fed — men's Davis Cup or women's Fed Cup tennis
    • fb or fbw — men's or women's football
    • fh or fhw — men's or women's field hockey
    • hb or hbw — men's or women's handball
    • ih or ihw — men's or women's ice hockey
    • ru or ruw — men's or women's rugby union
    • vb or vbw — men's or women's volleyball
    • wp or wpw — men's or women's water polo
  • title — text string identifying the name of the tournament
  • nation — Use either the name of the nation or the three-letter country code as used by IOC or FIFA
  • number (optional) — Specified the number of times this team has won this tournament (e.g. "First")
  • variant (optional) — Specifies an alternate (historical) flag to use. This parameter is documented by the appropriate template in Category:国家资料模板.


{{winners|fbw|2003 Women's World Cup Winners|Germany|First}}
 2003 Women's World Cup Winners 

第 First 次奪冠
{{winners|vb|2005 Men's European Champions|Italy|Sixth}}
 2005 Men's European Champions 

第 Sixth 次奪冠
{{winners|ru|2003 Rugby World Cup Champions|ENG|First}}
 2003 Rugby World Cup Champions 

第 First 次奪冠
{{winners|fh|2006 Hockey World Cup Champions|GER|Second}}
 2006 Hockey World Cup Champions 

第 Second 次奪冠
{{winners|bkw|2006 FIBA World Champions|AUS|First}}
 2006 FIBA World Champions 

第 First 次奪冠
{{winners|davis|1995 Davis Cup Winners|USA|31<sup>st</sup>}}
 1995 Davis Cup Winners 

第 31st 次奪冠