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The name "Joseon Dynasty" is widely used all over the world. "Joseon of Lee"? What does it mean? I don't know why Chinese people use such a strange name.

Please DO NOT revert it again, or you means starting an edit war.-- (留言) 2012年2月15日 (三) 03:59 (UTC)

Widely used all over the world? I can't agree with you. This is Chinese Wikipedia, not English. 李氏朝鲜 is widely used in Chinese spoken area, but 朝鲜王朝 isn't. Edit war? I don't care.——蘇州宇文宙武之太陽殿 ♨迎仙宮 ★尚書省 2012年2月15日 (三) 04:12 (UTC)