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Lars Aronsson, 2020.

LA2 is the username of Lars Aronsson, Sweden. I don't speak Chinese, but I might add interwiki links.

Götheborg featuring the flag of Sweden.

I live in the town Linköping (林雪平) in the province Östergötland (东约特兰). My town's Chinese sister city is Guangzhou (Canton, 广州市) because of the historic connection through merchant and diplomat Anders Ljungstedt (龍思泰, 1759-1835), who was born in Linköping. He was a supercargo at the Swedish East India Company (瑞典東印度公司), which existed between 1731 and 1813. One of its ships named Götheborg sank in 1745, and some enthusiasts built a replica (哥德堡号) which sailed to China and back during 2005-2007.

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May, 2012: It seems that on May 4, 5 or 6th, the Chinese Wikipedia got bigger than the Swedish one, exchanging positions 12 and 11. --LA2留言) 2012年5月16日 (三) 19:42 (UTC)

May 19, 2008: It is strange that my mother tongue the Swedish language with only 9 million speakers back in 2005 had the 6th largest version of Wikipedia. This anomality will surely repair itself over time. While still growing, the Swedish Wikipedia is slowly falling behind the bigger languages. For quite a while, it occupied the 10th position, but on May 19, 2008, this was overtaken by the Russian Wikipedia at 283,000 articles. Now Swedish is the 11th biggest and the 12th position is held by the Chinese Wikipedia. There is still a gap of more than 100,000 articles, but it is sure to close. Some other large languages also have quite small Wikipedias, including Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian and Turkish. It is worth studying, however, with what elegance the Russians took the 10th place. Just a few days before, on May 16, they started a campaign, the Swedish week, where they concentrated on writing articles pertaining to Sweden. For a period of 11 days, some 200 articles were written about Swedish towns, rivers, castles, kings, writers, scientists, actors and important events in history. This was mentioned in the press release. More than 50 users contributed to the Swedish week. It was one of the most successful cooperations on the Russian Wikipedia.

October 20, 2007: The Swedish chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation was started, Wikimedia Sverige, and I was elected to the board.