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-- Smartneddy 2011年11月13日 (日) 14:18 (UTC)

SNAFU S3 episode names[编辑]

Hey, sorry I just saw your message on my talk page in the english Wikipedia, I'm really glad that you are interested on learning what you don't know about instead of just reverting information that you don't understand because you are too lazy to search for and that it actually requires some effort to do and when all the sources are perfectly presented to you, you keep ignoring them because deep down you know you are wrong but don't want to let it go to not hurt your ego like most of the people do unfortunately... Anyway, so regarding OreGairu episode titles, I'm not sure where this picture exactly come from but I guess it's from one of the multiple Japanese monthly TV Guide (TVガイド) magazine, they usually are release between the 20th and the 24th of the month and cover the TV Guide of the entire next month, so it is possible to know anime episode titles a month and a half in advance. It is hard to know which one exactly it is because each magazine will have exclusive information that others don't and they are plenty of them. Apart from those Japanese monthly TV Guide, you also have monthly Japanese anime magazine which on top of the titles of the episodes, also contains the main staff of said anime, the most known are アニメディア (Animedia), ニュータイプ (Newtype) and アニメージュ (Animage), they are released around the same period, every 10th of the month and cover information from around the same period, every 10th of the next month. Both Animedia and Animage magazines are also available in digital format so I took some screenshot from the upcoming anime section of the last issues released this month so you can see what it looks like, you can see the episode titles and the main staff of the anime OreGairu here [[1]]. Those magazines are notoriously known for their reliable sources and are edited by the most famous Japanese publisher companies, unfortunately, outside of Japan, those information are not known by everyone and some people think this should stay hidden whereas it is in fact better to let all these informations public so I hope that those information helped you, if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to hit me up.—以上未簽名的留言由Avdald對話貢獻)於2020年9月21日 (一) 00:51 (UTC)加入。

授权 受权[编辑]

感謝你的留言。見你回退後在資料來源看到了原文,明白了。只是在港澳都沒怎麼用這個詞語,以為是錯字而已。--- fei0316 2021年2月8日 (一) 02:39 (UTC)