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Wikidata weekly summary #495[编辑]

Tech News: 2021-47[编辑]

2021年11月22日 (一) 20:02 (UTC)

On-wiki Registration Wireframes (Request for Feedback)[编辑]

We are very excited to share with you the wireframes for the desktop version of the On-Wiki Registration Tool. Feel free to share your feedback on this update. Results of these feedback will help determine the next steps we take. Thank you in advance!

Creating registration for event
Creating Event Registration Registration Homepage

View full Registration Form

First-Version Features

Viewing, deleting, and messaging participants Managing Registrations
Viewing, deleting, and messaging participants Managing Registrations
Participants Registration
Event Page Registration Side bar - Event Page - Campaigns Registration Wireframe.jpg

Access full project principles and wireframes documentation here.

Feel free to share your feedback!

Do you see any advantage or disadvantage of any sort of our proposed event registration system?
Will it provide ease of access and use to you as a campaign organizer?
Does the proposed event registration provide convenience for registering participants?
What are the essential features this first version needs to have so that you can use it?
When you are running a campaign, what information do you typically send to participants, and where do you usually send it

(e.g., talk page, email, social media, etc)?

Do you prefer that we build the desktop version first or the mobile version of the registration system first?
Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you!

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