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神經科學 Neuroscience

A collaborative team of neuroscience editors aiming to create high-quality neuroscience articles

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If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn't. - Emerson Pugh

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歡迎您來到中文維基百科專題-神经科学!我們的夢想是創建並改善中文維基百科中,所有與神經科學和腦部相關的條目! =)

Welcome to WikiProject Neuroscience, a project that aims to create and improve all Wikimedia neuroscience and brain-related resources.


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我們的目標 Aims

全面、易讀易懂、精確 Comprehensive, Understandable, Accurate

The goal of this project is to help Wikimedia provide comprehensive, understandable, and accurate resources on neuroscience-related topics. We aim to ensure that all neuroscience-related articles on Wikipedia are clear, well-referenced, and include proper use of media, and that all neuroscience-related resources on other Wikimedia projects are comprehensive. The end product should be resources with in-depth, qualitative information that are accessible enough to be encyclopedia articles but well-referenced enough for academic use.

To fulfill these aims, the project will initially focus on articles covering broad ideas and concepts. The project will then develop more detailed, specific articles as well as other types of resources. This top-down approach will allow Wikipedia to serve immediately as a useful resource that becomes more detailed over time, with other Wikimedia projects following suit.

This project's approach is to cover the brain from a cross-species, multidisciplinary perspective. This should provide detailed information about the distinct differences between species, and explain some possible evolutionary/ecological reasons for such differences. We aim to integrate information from the cellular/molecular level all the way up to the cognitive/clinical level.

The history of neuroscience英语Wikipedia:WikiProject_Neuroscience/History_of_Neuroscience will also be an area of focus. The progress of theories and ideas is important to understanding current scientific thinking. This includes "History" sections in articles, biography articles, articles on refuted theories, and articles about historical institutions. For people interested specifically in contributing to the history of neuroscience content, visit this page英语Wikipedia:WikiProject_Neuroscience/History_of_Neuroscience.

簡明扼要又不失深度 Simplicity and depth

Basic questions should have simple answers. A major goal of this project is to ensure that neuroscience resources are not only comprehensive enough for a specialist, but should be engagingly presented and simple enough for laymen and children alike.

涵蓋領域 Areas of coverage

The following is a list of areas which this project hopes to cover. There will, no doubt, be overlap with existing and related projects but this can only help.
(Statistics on most-viewed neuroscience pages.)


維基百科 Wikipedia

Habit modification approaches
Behaviors with habitual elements
本圖表描繪在中腦周邊/邊緣迴路英语Mesolimbic pathway中由於「長期攝取超高劑量的中樞神經刺激劑(例如:安非他命甲基苯丙胺、和苯乙胺.)使得多巴胺的神經突觸的濃度增加」的微觀示意圖。
  1. ^
青少年的前期 Pre-adolescence
Stages of human development

青少年 Adolescence
青壯年 Young adult




你/妳可以怎麼協助呢? How you can help


Anybody can help!

  1. 基本上,上面你看到的綠色、紅色連結就是需要您耕耘的條目喔!感謝您為數十億華文人口所做出的巨大貢獻!=)
  2. 顯示為藍色連結的條目也需要您協助改善其條目的品質。
  3. 請優先參與涵蓋「本領域基本觀念」的條目之協作。
  4. Identify target articles-particularly covering fundamental concepts and ideas.
  5. Improve and discuss the proposed structures of articles.
  6. 自己親自動手改善條目品質!
  7. Improve articles yourself!
  8. Leave comments here for feedback.
  9. Specifically, the greatest need at the moment is for images: photos, figures, or drawings that convey scientifically important messages. We currently lack good illustrations for many of the most basic concepts in neuroscience: for example, we don't have a good electron micrograph of an ordinary synapse. If you are the owner of any graphics that might be useful, and are willing to make them available under a license that makes them usable in Wikipedia (you can require attribution, but can't forbid commercial use or modification), please donate them to Wikimedia Commons. Artistic merit is always nice, but scientific value is more important. Image donations will be very much appreciated even if you don't make any other contribution to Wikimedia. If you have any questions, feel free to raise them on the Talk page of this article.

Focus articles

This section lists relatively complete articles which are fundamental to neuroscience which should be worked on to meet Featured Article criteria. This section emphasizes the general before the specific.

Lists of other content to work on include:

參與者 (Participants)

To add yourself to this list, please edit this page and follow the instructions, taking care to maintain alphabetical order.

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  1. ^ 白色斜塔_篇四[醫學研究信026_記臺灣大學神經科學週, 2012-09-07 17:04, Views(311) 篇四【醫學研究】給醫學生的信26—記台灣大學神經科學週【前言】神經科學將為日漸枯萎的臨床醫學,帶來新的生機與面貌,也可能為你的生涯帶來意想不到的新契機;在神經科學即將起飛的時刻,同學們有幸身處於台灣大學,可千萬別錯失良機!]

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