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Help with Chinese characters requested (方孔钱)[编辑]

Huopinh Xinbao???

I am working on making a full list of all 方孔钱 on the English Wikipedia, and I found this image of a Ming Dynasty era Yunnanese local cash coin, the inscription supposedly reads "Huoping Tongbao" (according to Jean-Michel Moullec) but I can't find which Chinese characters are used, can someone transcribe them so I can do more research on Taiwanese websites to find more information (and reliable sources) relating to it? -- 征国单  (讨论 🀄) (方孔钱 💴) 2018年8月6日 (一) 13:48 (UTC)

  • @Donald_Trung: If the pinyin of this coin is correct, it should be 火平通宝 . The character on this coin is not clear so it not easy to recognize it accurately. But as I searched this name on the internet, I found that there is no information about 火平通宝. I find a document about coins in Yunnan at Ming Dynasty[1], and find out that there is no 火平通宝 there, and the most similar one is 太平通宝. I see the picture of Yunnan 太平通宝(not the one in Song Dynasty)[2] and the character on it looks similar to your picture. The character on the coin can be regarded as 太 or 火. Maybe 太平通宝 is the answer you want.--popcorner留言) 2018年8月16日 (四) 16:22 (UTC)
    • (:)回应, my mistake I meant "Xinbao" which could be "New Treasure"? Scott Semans asked some experts and they claimed that it was likely cast in Nanzhao by Kublai Khan but I can't find any evidence of this, I need to figure out what the "Xin" is in order to research it, I can research Traditional Chinese / Taiwanese websites but I need a reference point first. -- 征国单  (讨论 🀄) (方孔钱 💴) 2018年8月17日 (五) 20:04 (UTC)
      • @Donald_Trung:, Maybe the scriptions is "Taiping Xingbao"(太平兴宝), a coin of the Đinh dynasty of Vietnam.--苞米() 2018年8月18日 (六) 00:44 (UTC)
An example of a 太平兴宝 (Thái Bình Hưng Bảo) cash coin.
        • This is how those cash coins look, in fact I am able to usually identify most (non-Wu Zhu and non-Ban Liang) cash coins with a single look, this coin is purported to be a Ming Dynasty issue however I can't do any further research as the "Xin" is unreadable, reckon that I'll probably will have to exclude it from the list if I can't identify the "Xin". -- 征国单  (讨论 🀄) (方孔钱 💴) 2018年8月19日 (日) 11:17 (UTC)

Update: this could be marked as resolved as this particular cash coin is known to read “火平信宝”[3] and I mistakingly thought 💭 that it was “火平新宝”。-- 征国单  (讨论 🀄) (方孔钱 💴) 2018年9月7日 (五) 18:53 (UTC)


  1. ^ 高庆民. 漫谈大理国和大理国钱币. 广西金融研究: 33-34. 
  2. ^
  3. ^ Zhongguo Guqian Xinpinji" '中国古钱新品集‘. Hunan, 2008, page 154. (in Mandarin Chinese written in Simplified Chinese characters)

克里米亚大桥[编辑] Crimea remained in Ukraine as an uncontrolled territory. To write that the Crimean land on which there are piles of the bridge - the former Ukrainian and only Russian - is to deceive the reader. The reader from China should know that the bridge in the west is built on the Ukrainian land that your eastern-northern neighbor . Your Baidu maps shows Crimea as part of Ukraine. Therefore, the bridge is Russia and Ukraine (de jure). --Bohdan Bondar留言) 2018年8月25日 (六) 12:08 (UTC)

  • The owner of Crimea is controversial. Your link can only show that UN is the supporter of Ukraine. We know that both Russia and Ukraine regard Crimea as part of their country, and due to the rules of wikipedia, the article needs to have neutral point of view. We can't believe any of them alone, so we can't give a conclusion for it. And these content shouldn't be added in the article of the bridge, because this is not a political article. It is just a bridge. You can try to read this article and see their opinions.--popcorner留言) 2018年8月28日 (二) 18:22 (UTC)


A 建文通宝 cash coin?

Recently I came across what was described as a "cash coin" with the inscription 建文通宝 supposedly from the Ming Dynasty Jianwen Emperor, however after searching 🔍 various Taiwanese websites I couldn't find any information about the Jianwen Emperor minting any cash coins nor can I find it in any major catalogue (British or Taiwanese), now my question is... Is this a real Ming Dynasty era cash coin, a fantasy piece, or a Chinese numismatic charm? -- 征国单  (讨论 🀄) (方孔钱 💴) 2018年8月29日 (三) 10:17 (UTC)

  • This section can also be marked as resolved per: